Saturday, May 07, 2005

I'm baaaack!!!

I think I got rid of the virus. At least most of it, there is still remnants of it around that I'll have to get one of my geek friends over to take care of eventually. I couldn't delete the program, but I destroyed its root and took out the administrators of it, so basically its a program with no direction and no prompts. I feel like the virus slayer, only I didn't exactly slay is as take it apart. I learned A LOT about computers and viruses this week let me tell you!
Not much has happened here lately, just a few things of note. Princess will NOT be going to kindergarten in the fall. I went and registered her, and they have to do a test which helps them place her or tell them if she is ready to start kindergarten yet. The early childhood development person (ecdp from now on because that is way too much to type over and over again) took me aside to talk to me off the record because she really couldn't say these things as a school official. Turns out my daughter is smart, really smart, what she lacks is fine motor skills to actually write or draw the work she'll be asked to do. In short she has the mental capacity of someone much older and the musculature of a 4 year old. The ecdp thinks that this will frustrate her, being asked to always re write her work even though she knows it but just can't write it well. The ecdp thinks that it would make her less confidant and make her hate learning in general. However, because she's smart, I have to get her into a more challenging pre school program, and the ecdp gave me a list of places she thought would be good for Princess and focus in on the things she needs help with. Sounds simple right? Wrong! Turns out that trying to get her into any of these programs in May for September puts her on a waiting list only. There is one pre school in particular that I am truly impressed with and I am on that waiting list. If she doesn't get in though, my daycare ( an excellent program!) did tell me that they could put Princess in their kindergarten and somewhat customize the work for what she needs to develop. So either way, she'll be doing something new this fall and won't get bored. It was somewhat a relief to have someone tell me these things about my daughter because truthfully I didn't want to send her at 4, but I couldn't truly put my finger on why other than my heart didn't want to let go. When the ecdp told me this about Princess based on her test, it was like a light bulb going off in my head and I said to myself "yes EXACTLY!" It was what I had been feeling without knowing quite why. So there will be a new venture come fall, and I'll be right beside Princess helping her all the way!
My upstairs neighbor is fighting some demons of her own right now. Her husband is coming to terms with things from his past (which is the reason he drinks) and has been going to therapy for it. Right now is a dark time for him and for her though. For the first time my neighbor is forced to fight for something she wants, and it isn't easy for her. She has had the tendency to take to easy way out in the past. But she has a marriage she cares about, a husband she loves, and a son who needs her, and she can't take the easy way out and keep all that. I can give her advice and be a listener, but that's all I can do, she needs to sort this out herself. Otherwise if her marriage works or fails, she won't have learned a thing. She needs to be able to hold her head high and know that she did her best through it all. It's tough for some people to grow up, but she's trying!
This weekend I'm going to Long Island to visit my parents for mothers day. I'll be cooking dinner on Sunday for my mom. Princess is so happy to be going to see her grammy and grampy!
To all those people who's blogs I read, I will be back to normal come Monday, so I can catch up on all of your lives! To those who still came here even though my blog was pretty much non existent this past week, I thankyou! And I promise to actually start the weekly hair care post next week too.
Have a Happy Mothers Day everyone, even you fathers!

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