Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was MAGNIFICENT!!! The weather was wonderful, and felt even better after having so many many days of nothing but clouds cold and rain. On Sunday (I had to work Saturday and boy was I busy!!) Roomie (oliquig) and I and her parents with another friend of mine went to breakfast at a place that truly knows how to make a great breakfast. The food was fantastic, and we got to eat on the outdoor porch because it was so beautiful! After that Roomie, Princess, and Roomie's mom and I went to a scrapbooking store non of us had ever been in. This place had an area just for kids, which meant I was at peace to shop, which meant I spent oodles of money hee!!! But it was the first scrapbook store I had been in where they had it, and Princess was in her glory! She even got to play with another little girl. After that we came home and had a peaceful evening. Today we had friends and Roomie's parents over for an outdoor barbecue, again the weather was fantastic, as was the company! Roomie and I do put on a good barbecue let me tell you!! We made potato salad, macaroni salad, barbecue chicken, hotdogs, corn, and for dessert this absolutely yummy Tanglewood pie! Upstairs neighbor was there with Little Man, and he and Princess had a ball outside running all over the yard. This was a weekend of nothing in particular except to remember out soldiers and have fun with friends. We accomplished all of that in a peaceful, happy, and wonderful way. If this is a pre-cursor for how the summer will be, bring it on, I'm gonna enjoy it!!! Below are some pics of this weekend, I hope everyone else had as wonderful and peaceful a weekend as I did!!!!

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    1. The view from where we sat having breakfast. 
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