Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Morals and what to do.....

I watched Law and Order SVU last night. It was a good one! It had to do with trafficking of body parts and the criminal types who do that sort of stuff. My first reaction to that was "no way I would never do that, it's wrong to kill someone to save yourself!". But you see, the person who bought the kidney in this case, was a father trying to save the life of his young son. Again I said no way....Then I thought, deep and hard...If someone told me I could save the life of my daughter with this kidney...Heart...Whatever...And don't ask questions where it came from, where would my morals lie? Would I close my eyes and take it knowing that if I do my child will live, or do I stick to my morals and say no, and hope that they find a donor before she dies. Would I sell my soul to save my child? Would I be able to look in the mirror if I did? Would I be able to look into HER eyes knowing what I did? My morals stood, I would pray, and wait, and love her, but there was a part of me, I wish I could say a small part of me but it wasn't, there was a part of me that thought hey, this is my kid I would to anything!!! We as parents WOULD do almost anything for our children, but our job is not just to keep them safe, it's to raise them to know right from wrong. To know that killing someone else to benefit you or your loved ones is never okay. I should never watch those things when I'm tired let me tell you! I hope never to have to face any decision like that.
Now let me ask you....What would YOU do? A strangers life for your child's? Be honest, there will be no "tsk, tsk" from me. So what WOULD you do?

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