Monday, June 06, 2005

Another weekend to remember, and the summer just started!!!

So this weekend? Fun fun FUN!!! When you're done reading this, go over to Roomie's blog and read her take on it, a good time was had by all! Between this weekend and last, this summer is off to a good start! I guess you all saw the drunken blog from Saturday, that started it the right way hee! Before the wine we had fireworks, the ground kind as it is illegal to buy the launching kind in CT. It didn't matter to the kids any, they loved them! Below are some pics of those. One bad thing, Psykit got sprayed by a skunk, and we had to clean her off Sunday morning before going to the beach! Roomie found a remedy for that online, peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. Worked like a charm! Then on Sunday we went to the beach, where I proceeded to be dumb and not put sunscreen on my back, can we say lobster red?? The rest of me is fine as I remembered sunscreen for my front! I do so wonder about my sanity at times. Princess had a BLAST!! She kept running into the water, diving in, then running out giggling loudly all the time. Some kids had dug a huge hole then left, and that became Princesses playground. She kept getting seaweed and burying it in there, then laying in it, there was sand in places of her body sand truly does not belong!!! Then roomie buried her, below will be a pic of that she loved it! We then went to a yummy seafood restaurant where she got to go on a carousel ride, eat the best fried fish evah, then have vanilla soft serve dipped in a cherry coating. How could life get better?? There was most definitely a bath that night, her hair wasn't just dirty it was CRUSTY eww! I had to wash it twice to get it clean. Then today we went to Ikea, and found the perfect bed for Princess. Roomie has a pic of it at her blog, check it out it's awesome and you can't beat the price! We had lunch at Ikea, I love Swedish meatballs, and so does Princess as she ate them all! She then proceeded to flirt outrageously with a little boy in the play area of the cafeteria, complete with big eyes and the leaning in thing...I am going grey thinking of her older let me tell you hee! All in all, you could not have ordered a better weekend, well minus the skunk thing and the burn thing, but other than that, I loved it!! Most of all? I loved seeing Princess have such a good time, I live for that! I hope you're weekends were as good, but truthfully, unless you won the lottery, I think mine was the best :-)

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    1. Some of the fireworks
    2. Psykit after the bath to get rid of the skunk odo...
    3. Buried on the beach, she loved it!
    4. Covered in sand from head to toe!
    5. Flirting with the boy
    6. Saturday Nights Alright!
    7. The one where Mom thinks I'm gay
    8. Bug bites and Bug Spray
    9. Memorial Weekend Wrap-up
    10. The view from where we sat having breakfast. 
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