Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bug bites and Bug Spray

When Princess was very young, she got her first bug bite from a mosquito. She then proceeded to blow up like a balloon in the bug bite area! The mosquito bit her on her ankle, and her poor little ankle blew up to about three times its size. Needless to say I was really alarmed!!! I called her pediatrician, who told me that some kids do have reactions like that to mosquito bites and that usually they outgrow it eventually. He then told me to use bug spray with deet in it. This alarmed me as well, as I had read that using deet on a child so young wasn't a good idea. He told me that her blowing up like a balloon was a worse idea. So I did. He also told me to put cortisone cream on the bitten area as soon as she got bitten, and then to give her benadryl to help keep the swelling to a minimum. This worked for the most part, I even got the daycare to put it on her with a doctor's note. Then one day, she was playing in the daycare playground, and another kid threw wood chips at her face, which she then proceeded to rub across her eyes. She had scabs on both eyelids, which made me mad, I mean really did they even watch the kids out there?? I have since moved her to another daycare which is much more careful and better for her learning. Right after that happened, she got a bug bite right in the middle of her forehead, which swelled both inner eyes big time! So now she had cuts on both her eyes, and the swelling with a big bump in the middle. I had to go to the bank that day, can you guess what kind of looks I was getting??? I felt like hanging a sign around her neck saying "No I did NOT beat my child, it was an accident at daycare and a bug bite which she's allergic too"! I think of this because she got a bug bite behind her knee the other day, and it did swell up, but not as bad as it had before. So MAYBE....She really is outgrowing it finally!! I breath a sigh of relief for that, because no parent wants to see their child suffer from so common a thing. And she does suffer, because when they swell, they itch and hurt. Today I go to buy more bug spray with deet, and I'm calling her pediatrician's office to send over a release form to her daycare so they can put it on her. I hope this is the last year of this! Anyone else's child have a reaction like that??

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