Friday, June 17, 2005

Conversations with Princess

This morning in the car, this was my conversation with Princess:

Princess: Mommy my shoe is ripped.
Me: I know, we need to get you new boy shoes.
Princess: New boy shoes like I have now or new boy shoes like my old old boy shoes?
Me: Like your old old ones.
Princess: I like my old old ones better anyway.
(me laughing silently)
Princess: Mama I want Oliquig to go to Sesame Place with me and my cousins and best friend.
(notice I wasn't on that list even though I am the one taking her lol!!)
Me: She can't honey, she doesn't have the time then.
Princess: Oh. (silence for a few) Well then she needs to go with us to Prudence Island.

It must be so nice to be so secure in the world as Princess is, and to be so sure that everyone wants to spend as much time with you as possible!! Her confidence is high, and I love that it is! I then called Oliquig to let her know that Princess has given her marching orders to make time to go to Prudence Island with us.
My daughter is well loved, and knows that she is. I hope she keeps that confidence forever!

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