Thursday, June 09, 2005

Grumbles and Musings

My ankles are swollen and my back is peeling. I feel like Quasimodo with leprosy.

I like summer and warm weather, I whine when the humidity gets to the point where you feel you just got out of a shower and you didn't. Guess which way I'm going right now!!! Someone get me some cheese!

When you drive your car with all the windows open and you're blasting show tunes, and you're singing along at top volume, it's amazing the kind of looks you get.

I made a goal I had set for myself at work, I brought in over 2000 dollars to the salon. I get 60% of that. WOO HOO!!

When your child brings you in a handful of weeds with a big smile on her face, saying "Mommy these flowers are for you because I love you!" those weeds start to look like the most expensive bouquet from the best flower shop in town. I love my daughter!

I love my daughter, but when I am feeling whiny, it's hard to take her whining. There ought to be a law, mother and daughter cannot be whiny at the same time! And since I'm bigger, it's my turn!

My sister in law and kids are coming down for the weekend. Ask me how much cleaning I have done.

Iced tea is the nectar of the gods during hot summer nights!! Hey I think there's a song there!

That is all. You may all go about your own grumblings and musings now, I'm done :-)

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