Sunday, June 26, 2005

Princesses new room!

Today, was a busy day. Princess, roomie and I went down to Ikea, with a friend with a truck, to pick up her new bed! I ended up getting the bed, a tall nightstand, a bookcase, 4 picture frames, and a stuffed dragon snake, all for under 400! Princess loves her new room. I had to get a step stool for her, because the bed is so high! It's a Captains Bed, with plenty of storage space underneath. There's one more piece to get for her bedroom, but that can wait until next month. For now, her room looks so cute!! Below are some pics of her room and today!

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    1. Princess and her Uncle Red at Ikea, she idolizes ...
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    7. I've got nothing!
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    9. Something in the middle would be nice!
    10. And the heat goes on!!
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