Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Princess, 4 going on 14!

You know the mothers curse? The one where your mom says "I hope you have a child just like you!", that one. Well, I have a child just like me, only not the me I was when I was little, but the me now. When I was little, I had no confidence, generally did what I was told, and very rarely talked back. The talking back thing started for me when I was in my teens. Well Princess on the other hand, has so much confidence I don't think it has ever occurred to her she could fail at anything, and questions things I tell her to do, and talks back quite a bit! The other day, I asked her to take her dinner plate to the sink and put it in there, this is something she does every night. That particular night, she whined and said but mom I want to watch my TV show! I told her only after she put her plate away. In she goes stomping to the sink, then she turns to me, and in a pre teen sullen kind of way she says "can I go now??", my reaction was, "if you want to watch your show, you will lose the attitude right now!" I mean she's 4 people!! Last night was the fit from hell, so bad that she was yelling incoherently. All because I told her it was too late for two books she could only read one. I even compromised and promised to read her the favorites part of the other book. 15 minutes later, she is in her room sobbing into her pillow. I felt like handing her an Oscar for best dramatic teen scene! I am so in trouble in the future! Thank god she is so cute, otherwise I think I would pack her to a military school. Just when I want to pack her away and never look back, she does something so cute and loving, and all is forgotten. She'll come up to me and sit on my lap, put her arms around me and say "mom, I love you". My hear melts, I want to give her anything, and all is better. I think that's why god made kids so dang cute, otherwise I think we all would be packing them up somewhere! Take note you parents to be, just when you think you can't take any more, they melt your heart. I also had the yelled "I DON'T LIKE YOU!" from her the other day. Perhaps to those who feel children should be coddled will not agree with me, but I looked at her torn between laughter and exasperation and said "well I'm not too crazy about you right now either!". In a way it gave her permission to feel like she did, I remember not liking my mom much, but I always loved her. After she calmed down that day we talked, and I told her no matter what, even when we can't stand each other at the moment, remember I love you always and I know you love me. She then hugged me and gave me a kiss, the most precious gift your child can give you! She's asleep now, but I'm sure tomorrow will see more ups and downs and drama moments, all ending with an "I love you". Someday I'll look back on these problems and laugh, because they are so simple. Now can someone hand me the manual on raising kids??? I must have misplaced mine somewhere!!!!
Enjoy your little drama kings and queens and remember to always tell them no matter what, you love them!

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