Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The post where I have nothing to say

It's past twelve, I should be sleeping, but alas, I am not.

My daughter is strange, I mean that in the nicest way possible, as I too am strange and would expect nothing less from my child. Still, I had to mention she was strange.

Notice the lack of blogging? It's not that nothing at ALL has happened in my life, I just can't muster up the energy to blog about it.

This is my "I'm feeling guilty I have not blogged" blog.

I tend to do random thoughts a lot, seems to be the way my mind works....or is that a random thought??

Summer so far, GREAT....Humidity so far...SUCKS....funny how one thing can be great and at the same time suck.

My boss is getting a divorce, something he almost went through a while back but they reconciled. She had asked for it the first time, he the second. In describing my boss's divorce, I use a chocolate analogy (because really, chocolate just about sums up the universe). You know when your a kid, and you see a really big piece of chocolate in a candy store window, and you really really want it but you don't have any money, so you do all sorts of odd jobs around the house to earn enough money to buy it, you buy it and take your first bite...and then realize it's not what you truly wanted? The reconciliation and subsequent divorce is like that with him I think.

They own a house now, which they didn't the first time, which complicates matters.

I need to go back on vacation...oh wait, I am next weekend woo hoo!!

Explain this to me, why is it when a hair colorist (me) takes a vacation, the week prior and the two weeks after I come back are so dang busy I can't breathe? Happens to me every year, like they think "oh god I just have to have my hair done NOW, because if I don't she might fall off the face of the earth".

Not that I'm complaining, I make a lot of money when I'm so busy so all is well.

I love my little strange child, I can relate well to her and she to me. Life is good like that.

Still waiting to hear if she gets into the really good pre-school this fall, or if she stays in the daycare she is in now, which is just slightly less cool than the other one, but the other one has a better curriculum.

My mind is now blank, I think I can finally sleep.

Thanks for putting up with my lack of good blog material.

Hey I know, why don't you guys ask me something you have just been DYING to know about me? I'll answer any and all questions. That way, I have something to blog and you get your curiosity out of the way, win win all around I say.

If you have no curiosity that's cool too, just means I'll have to work harder for my blogging hee :-)

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