Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekly Weight Watcher update and the weekend with my parents

Another 1. 2 pounds, for a total of 9.2 pounds lost! This on top of a week where very little went right. My daughter on Tuesday was sent home from school because of a rash, that started with a little spot on her chest and in the time it took me to get halfway to work from dropping her off, spread to her cheeks and further down. I've been REAL tight with money lately, I got behind on bills and paid a lot of things off, so needless to say I truly wanted to go to work, if for nothing else but the tips to buy a few things for the house. Instead, I picked up my poor daughter who was rather itchy and miserable the poor thing! Turns out it was just a rash caused by a virus, not contagious or anything, but on Tuesday I didn't know that. So, being depressed, I did what I always do, I turned to food to make me feel better. A few things were different though, I journaled everything I ate, even though it was hard to see the junk I put in my mouth down in writing. This was a first for me, before this I just did it without thought. The other thing was, the next day, I started fresh, without looking back to the day before and without too much guilt about it. Another words, I didn't let it derail me. Yay for me!
My parents were here for the weekend, and it was a good time! Princess was so thrilled to have them here, and pretty much talked their ear off that first day, telling them everything about her life including the rash earlier in the week hee! We went to a place called Gillette Castle, which is quite the historic site. I linked it to the website, so go check it out! Princess was so good, considering that an historic house isn't what most 4 year olds would consider exciting! In one room they had a man who was dressed up as William Gillette, who was a stage actor in the turn of the century and played Sherlock Holmes. He was dressed up as Sherlock, which was fascinating to Princess! It also didn't hurt that I bribed Princess with a stuffed kitty she saw and wanted hee! At the end of the day there, we were walking back to my car, and Dad was having problems. Roomie was with us too, so I sent her ahead with Princess to the gift shop to buy the kitty. Dad was so tired he could hardly walk, so Mom and I supported him so he could walk up the slight incline. At the top we set him down to rest. I went to the gift shop to get Roomie and Princess, and cried a little, because it is SO hard to see a man who at one time seemed invincible to me look so old. My heart aches because I know that my time with him is so short now. I am SO glad mom and I worked out our differences to a degree where I can spend time with them like this. I would miss so much if we hadn't. At the end of this very good visit, mom gave me a hug, and told me that she felt safe here at my house, and that she appreciated me more each year. These were words I had longed to hear for such a long time, I was somewhat at a loss when she said them. Then she told me thankyou, and that she loved me and needed me, because she was losing dad. When they left, I cried some more, because it's true. I did not turn to food to console me, I would have felt it would have belittled a moment that had to be felt in its fullest, the sweet and the bitter, because without great feelings both good and bad, how do you know you're alive. I look forward to seeing them again, because I know someday it will be the last time. For now, both are here, and they are so good with Princess, and they love me. That's a whole lot to be thankful for.

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