Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekly Weight Watchers Update

3.6 pounds gone this week, for a total of 12.8 woo hoo!

My seatbelt doesn't feel so tight anymore.

Princess has been sick this weekend, had a fever of 102 or higher for most of the weekend, and I still managed to stay on track when I was worried about her.

There are two malls in short distance from where I live, one is nice, the other it snooty-ville. I went to snooty-ville and realized why I DON'T like shopping there!

But the other mall doesn't have Sephora or the Aveda store, I have snooty taste without the attitude I guess hee!

It's raining and I have no energy, but hopefully tomorrow I do as I have to go to work and then the gym.

I can't make coherent thoughts today, hence this post.

That is all :-)

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