Monday, October 17, 2005

And if THAT weren't enough.....

My weekly weight watchers update is BAD today. I gained 7 pounds. 7!!! POUNDS!!!!! I feel awful. OK so I'm due for my period, and yes I was not careful this weekend, and no I didn't drink enough water...Oh wait, that's why isn't it. I will NOT let this set me back for good, I WILL persevere and get back on track. Who knew you could gain 7 pounds in one week!!!! Well today is the start of a different week, so I will put the past week behind me and go forward from here. And if that weren't enough, we found out this weekend we have to move, as the house is now on the market. We knew this day was coming, but I was hoping to get through one more year. I told Princess today, she is most upset about the fact that her best friend upstairs will no longer be upstairs when we move. I don't think she grasps the concept. I did find a nice place, but in another town, which isn't so bad but that means uprooting her pre-school, which she finally decided she liked. I also have a friend in this area who has a good friend in real estate, and she says she's going to ask him to keep an eye out for rentals close to her. That would be ideal, as her daughter and mine are best friends, and this would mean they would be in the same school next year. There are options, but I'm sad. This place has so much meaning to me. I get sentimental like that you see. I know anything new will be good, but it still hurts to think of leaving this place. So wish me luck in both the weight loss and the search for a new home!

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