Monday, June 12, 2006

Life is a soap opera, or is that soap bubble!

Ever have some people in your life you just wonder about? I have a few of them let me tell you! I have a good friend who used to live above me in my old house, I think I have written about her and her husband, the alcoholic. Well they're still trying to make it, and have started marriage counselling. But before that happened, good friend (We'll call her goodf from now on) started hanging out with another friend (we'll call her messed up or ms for now) who has a tendency to fall out of your life and back into it whenever it suits her. This is fine if it's just you, but when there are kids involved too, well kids wonder why ms and her kids are now no longer in the picture anymore. I stopped seeing her after her last episode, because Princess was feeling a bit sad that she didn't see ms's kids anymore. So, since I can't change ms's behavior, I chose to absent myself from her life early enough that Princess would not remember the hurt. It's not like you can get in touch with her when she disappears as half the time her phone isn't working. So there you are. Anyway, I digress. Goodf and ms have started hanging again. Now goodf, when her life is shit, tends to try to soothe it by doing things that make her forget how painful her life is, like going out every single weekend with ms and staying out all night. This might work when you are younger and single, but when you're married and have a child, this tends to make things worse as far as your relationship goes. Ms thinks nothing of this, as she pretty much does what she wants and no matter what her husband and kids need. Goodf's husband though, he gets bent out of shape. And even though he is an alcoholic, I have to side with him on this one, goodf needs to work things out at home if she wants to save her marriage, or she needs to get a divorce if she thinks it isn't gonna work. But to go out with ms every weekend and when she is out with her to see HER EX BOYFRIEND WHOM SHE ALMOST MARRIED when she is out, WRONG WRONG WRONG!! But you see ms is good and convincing people to do what they know is wrong. On top of that, ms had the nerve to have goodf ask me to do her hair for a pageant (yep she AND her daughter do beauty pageants, no offense to those who do them, but why not teach your impressionable 4 year old that looks are the ONLY things that is important, my god) when she hasn't bothered to pick up the phone and call me in over a year. Then today, I get an email inviting me to her daughters (the beauty queen) birthday party next weekend. Not going needless to say. I want positive people in my life and in my daughters. Not those who bring discord with them all the time. I live in a soap opera, and I'm the sane one, which isn't really saying much!!!

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