Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mom's house is FULL of surprises!

Hi, it's me :-) I know I know, I am NOT a good blogger, as I tend to go away for a long while and then come back. Part of that is sheer laziness, and part of that is that big ol winter doldrums syndrome. I know I talked about that before. Also another part of it was a cold from HELL that would NOT let me go!! I still have a rough voice from it, it lasted over two weeks!!!
I went home to Long Island this past weekend to see my folks. Dad is not doing so well, he has kidney disease and will need dialysis at some point, but for now he's holding his own. I was supposed to go see them weeks ago, but then the cold from hell hit, and that was that. The last thing dad needs is me getting him sick with something that may not be gotten rid of easily, especially with is weakened immune system. He looked great though.
We got there Saturday, Princess was so excited and told a friend of mine that her Grammy and Grampy were the best ever. We spent a pleasant evening, even went to the mall with my brother. Princess has discovered the joys of Starbucks hot chocolate. Have any of you had it? It is to DIE for!!! They make it with real melted chocolate and steamed milk! I think that is one thing that will be special at Grammy's house only or with her Auntie, because getting my kid hooked on Starbucks at her age leads me to think of years of expense hee!
The next morning, we got up and Princess wanted Cheerios for breakfast, so I as a good mommy went and poured her some, not really paying attention, when I heard and felt a "plop" fall out of the box. I looked, and IT WAS A DEAD MOUSE PEOPLE!!! I screamed, mom thought I was hurt and was trying to figure out what happened, dad was concerned, and so was Princess. I finally was able to say "there's a dead mouse in the cereal box!", which made mom, dad, and daughter laugh at me hysterically! Mom said "Well we've been trying to catch that mouse for weeks, then a few days ago we saw no sign of it, I guess it crawled in the cereal box" Which I replied " NO REALLY?!?!? " It was pretty funny! My mom and dads house it old and surrounded by nature, and sometimes those field mice start to think it might be good to come in where the food is bountiful. Princess then had to call all of my friends and Roomie to tell them about the Mouse Incident!
Anyway, there is never a dull moment at moms house let me tell you!!
So how was YOUR weekend???

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