Friday, September 21, 2007

Dogs and Puppies

Our dog is pregnant. In fact, she is VERY pregnant and due the beginning of October. She's a little miniature Schnauzer, and awfully cute. My roommates mom is a very good friend of mine, and fell in love with our dog, and that is very fitting because it's because she had a Miniature Schnauzer that I fell in love with the breed. She had one, and he was the best dog, who unfortunately passed away after a very long good life. Then my landlords sister, knowing we wanted a dog, said she had a patient (she's a visiting nurse) who couldn't take care of her dog anymore and did I want it. I of course, with very little encouragement, said yes. Imagine my surprise when I found out she was a pure breed Miniature Schnauzer! Anyway, onto the pregnancy. Oliquig's mom was hinting around that she would love a puppy or two from our dog, and after a while, especially after she said she would foot the vet bills for the pregnancy, I said that would be great! My landlords sister had a very willing Yorkshire Terrier, and here my dog is, pregnant! She's going to have Schnorkies, and actually if you do a web search, you can find out what they look like, there actually is such a thing! Princess cannot WAIT until the puppies come, I keep telling her we are NOT keeping any hee! Being a small breed, she should only have two to three pups, and all are spoken for. Two to my roomie's mom, and one to my landlords sister with the very willing Yorkie. On Monday I find out how many she is carrying, and you can bet that when they are here, I WILL post pics! Have a great weekend everyone, I go to see my parents this weekend, always a good thing and yet hard, as you can tell from my last post. In celebration of my dog's impending motherhood, I posted a pic of Princess when she was first born, seems like only yesterday but wow it has been 6 years!

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