Monday, October 09, 2006

October Blue....Skies That Is!

I seem to find less and less time to blog lately, I apologise to those who actually read me. It has been an adjustment for me as well as Princess, this whole getting up early and getting to school. I must say she has adjusted better than I have! I am NOT, and never will be, a morning person hee! Mom and Dad visited this weekend, and we had a blast! It was certainly a beautiful weekend, it couldn't have been more perfect for Columbus day weekend. The weather was almost summer like, and the trees are starting to put on a show that can take your breath away. We headed for Kent Falls, a state park high in the Litchfield Hills of CT. It was a wonderful ride, down back roads (there actually is no major highway to take you up there) past beautiful streams and rivers, farms and fields. Mom and Dad enjoyed the ride, and even Princess kept her spirits up, considering riding in a car is not the most fun thing for 5 year olds to do! We got to the park, and it was beautiful! The falls, the picnic area, the hiking trails (straight UP might I add!) and the black flies. OK everything was beautiful except the black flies, I could have done without them! We had a picnic and then walked up to the falls and up the trails. Well folks, I am not a small woman, and let me tell you, going up the side of that fall dang near killed me hee!!! There goes Princess like a mountain goat, and there is me behind her, "pant....pant.... go ahead Princess......Mommie.....pant....will be right.....there.....pant!" I made it up three quarters of the way, I am pretty proud of myself!!! I hope to be less weight next year, and I WILL make it to the top then!! I have no idea what's up there, probably nothing, but there I will go!! All in all one of the best days I have had! Happy Fall everyone, may everyone make it to the top of the hill!!!!

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