Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kindergarten Woes

So lately, Princess has had a few issues in school. The teacher took me aside and told me that Princess was not listening, talking when she shouldn't, and wasn't keeping her hands to herself. This led to a discussion between Princess and myself on how I raised her with better manners than that and that she should be more attentive and nicer in school, and most of all listen to the teacher. Her behavior has improved some with some days of not so good behavior. I love the fact that she is of the age where she still tells me when she didn't have a good day behavior wise. I know that someday that will stop. That said, she came home yesterday from school after having a school trip to a local farm and told me she had been in time out that day. I asked her why, she told me " I pulled D's hair". When I asked her why, this is what she said:
"I was on the bus and K was talking to me and D wanted to talk to me but I couldn't ignore K so D yelled at me then later I was talking to Z and D wanted to talk to me again and I couldn't ignore Z so D yelled at me again, then later I was ready to talk to D but she was mad at me so I pulled her hair."
This I am SURE makes sense in a kindergarten way hee! I had to work hard not to laugh and ruin the whole stern parent thing. I then told her that if she did mean things to other kids she would soon have no friends, to which she wailed "I have no friends!", yeah, ok. Because people with no friends have two friends sleep over the weekend and go to Pumpkintown with them and meet up with other friends, and have two other friends who have already called dibs on the next sleepover, not to mention the whole D, K, and Z thing lol!!!
The world seen through kindergarten eyes is rich, a little frustrating, and full of learning. God I love these days, even when I have to be the stern parent!!

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