Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Good candy, The Bad bug, and The Ugly side of mothering

The stomach bug made a visit to our house. Wednesday morning, Princess woke up saying "Mama my belly hurts". I, being the ever sympathetic mom, told her "it's because you ate too much candy last night, your going to school"! I started to realize this was not just an attempt to stay home when she refused to eat breakfast, Princesses favorite meal of the day. I started to wonder if perhaps I should have treated her a bit nicer, when she threw up on my kitchen floor. Don't you hate when you just assume your child is faking it?? In my defense, Princess is a VERY dramatic child, so it's hard to tell what is real and what is acting. I mean this kid could win an academy award with some of the things she has done! On the good side, Halloween was fun, this neighborhood is chock full of kids, so many houses were well stocked for the trick or treaters. Princess got quite the haul! Which she has had no interest in since Wednesday, probably because her mom told her that her belly hurt because she ate too much candy! Oh well. Candy is not an essential part of a child's nutritional needs. Eventually she will realize that the creamy chocolate goodness that is candy bars is worth another look. Today we are off to see The Santa Claus 3. Believe it or not, I really want to see this movie, which tells you I have been to way too many kids movies, as I actually look forward to them more than grown up movies, probably because I know more about them at this point! Anyway, have a nice relaxing Sunday everyone, I sure will!

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