Thursday, November 18, 2004

Heat woo hoo!

I have heat!! Whilst I was at work, the heat fairy came over and gave me heat in the house!! hooray!!!
Princess is conviced that my landlord can fix anything, as can my mechanic. This morning when I was trying to get the furnace guy to come over, she informed me that "You need get 'landlord' so he can fix the heater!" When I told her that he couldn't fix the heater and that we needed someone special to fix it, she said "How bout 'mechanic'? He fix you car" How can you argue with logic like that??

P.S: While sitting here typing Psykit (roomies word for the little kitty) has been trying to open the door by telepathy. When that failed, she obviously decided that the rug in front of the door was the one keeping her from the great outdoors, so she decided that the rug must die!!!!Die rug Die muwahahahaha!!!

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