Saturday, December 04, 2004

Gotta love those words!

Today while I was at work, Princess and Oliquig went to Oliquig's mom's house, to spend some time together, and also to decorate her Christmas tree. I got to the house late this afternoon, and not all the decorating was done as both Princess and Oliquigs mom took a long nap. So when I got there, they were just starting to decorate the tree, the lights were already on. Princess said " I want to hang the ormanents!!" I love that word, ormanents :-) As much as I want Princess to have a full and correct vocabulary, I just love the words she comes out with! There aren't too many of them left, she's getting older and has been very verbal for a long time now. So I cherish the words she does say, knowing all too well that this is a fleeting thing.

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