Monday, January 17, 2005

How I spent my weekend and poisoned my niece

Well finally, all of Princesses birthday parties are over. The last one was this weekend. There's a place here in town called Kidcity, great place for kids to play and have birthday parties. My sister in law and three kids came down for it as they were off from school today. The party was a hit, everyone had a good time, Princess got more good loot! After the party we all headed back to our place and then we planned on going to dinner. That is when I poisoned my niece! Lest you think me mad or evil, this was NOT done on purpose. You see, she and my younger nephew wanted to have applejuice, and I, being the good Auntie that I am, promptly poured them glasses. My niece chugged, nephew hands the glass to his mom and says "this tastes funny". I tasted it, and sure enough, WOW was it bad!!!!! Niece drank most of it, then complained about her stomach hurting all night long (they slept over too). Now sister in law and I didn't think much of it, she was tired after having been busy even before they came down here, and she's a girl/dramatic. Everything was fine last night. Today we went to see Racing Stripes (which by the way was awesome!) and again niece complained about her tummy. After the movie, we got up, and that was it folks! She threw up all over the movie theater! Poor kid was so sick, and I am to blame! Yes, I poisoned my niece!! I am going to Auntie hell! I felt so bad, perhaps not as bad as she did though! Finally she was a bit better, we came home, and they left....with lots of bags for the car. Sister in law and I joked about how we always seem to have something to talk about when we get together, and we have decided to have less interesting times in the future! So how was YOUR weekend????

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