Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Update and obsessing

Well, after a sleepless night, I decided to talk to my landlords and get a timeline, turns out there isn't one. They were just thinking of selling, nothing is definite yet, and they promised to let us know well in advance if it ever becomes definite.
This started me thinking of how I deal with things, I tend to obsess. No really, I do! (hush Oliquig hehehe) Things happen, and I tend to let my mind go off on tangents and what ifs. This has been my way of dealing with things for as long as I can remember. First grade, I was so sure I would hate my teacher. Why? Because I loved my kindergarten teacher and I just knew that I couldn't love another teacher again. I had these whole visions in my head of how awful she would be. You know what? She was wonderful. Different than my kindergarten teacher, but wonderful just the same. My first zit? You don't want to know how I obsessed on that one!!! Suffice it to say it had to do with utter despair and knowing that I would never have a boyfriend. I did have a boyfriend, he had more zits than me! The funny thing is, my obsessing has never solved anything. It just gives me sleepless nights and acid reflux! So, finally I have a New Years resolution. I will stop obsessing. When I start, I will say to myself "self, you are obsessing stop it!" Now if an argument ensues, better call Sigmund Carl and Alfred and get me commited!!!
When I let things just take their course, it all works out. Now I'm not saying I sit back and do nothing and it works out. Oh no, but when I stop obsessing and start DOING, things just go better. I think I have a highly overworked guardian angel that sits on my shoulder wiping its brow after pulling me yet again from the fire!
So, stop obsessing. I can do it. Yep. No problem here. Now what to do if I start obsessing about obsessing......

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