Thursday, January 20, 2005

I thought the cold weather was supposed to KILL the germs....

I have been sick. For about 4 weeks now, cough cough cough until I want to scream. Except if I scream, I cough, see the dilemma? Finally I dragged myself to the doctor. Seems I have pneumonia. Okay, the doctor is 90% sure I have pneumonia, can't be totally sure without a chest xray, and that's expensive and I don't have insurance. I think I'm the only person who has a doctor who plays the percentages. 90% is pretty darn sure, so she put me on antibiotics, an inhaler, and a cough suppressant for night which will put me to sleep alright...Haven't taken that yet. Here's the thing, I thought you were supposed to be so sick with pneumonia that you couldn't move, and yet I have been working and doing things all this time. Okay so I am run down and tired, and missed Tuesday because I couldn't drag myself off the couch, but really, other than the coughing and the backache and the hard lump on my left side and the tiredness I feel fine. Hmmm....Upon reading that last statement I guess I could perhaps be sicker than I thought. Oh well, never having had pneumonia before, how was I to know. I now have to sleep with my upper half propped up, it seems that lying down flat is the worst thing you can do with pneumonia. I hope the medicine and all the rest work, because I am so tired of being sick. Here's to better days...And nights!!

PS: I apologise for not truly commenting on all the blogs, I usually comment on, but the tiredness sets in pretty damn quick.

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