Saturday, February 26, 2005

Introspection and weekend plans

On my way to work I started to think of some of the things I have read on blogs, and some of the things I have said on other peoples blogs. For the most part, I find bloggers a creative lot, filled with stories that keep all of us coming back to hear what else is going on. It's very fascinating to read about other peoples lives to me, even the mundane days. Some bloggers claim that what they write is not truly themselves. I disagree. Even if who you show us is not the whole you, bits and pieces of the real you come thru. If you read carefully, you can piece together parts of selves and come up with a pretty good picture of the person who is blogging. Then there are those who spout their beliefs and look down on others who don't share them. I went to one such blog, and while I most definitely have a liberal bent to me, I don't dismiss those who are not liberal. We can learn something from all beliefs, and to dismiss someone's beliefs as wrong because you don't agree, well that just makes us narrow minded. I fell into that trap. This blog I speak of was so off base to me, that I left some remarks that I would never have left in any other blog. I suddenly realized today that this person has as much right to her beliefs as much as I have to mine. If I don't agree, I never have to go back there and read it again, which I won't. But to tell her that she is so wrong and stupid, well that's just not the person I want to be. She has as much right to blog as I do. So from now on, instead of attacking someone's beliefs in comments, if I disagree I think I'll just write about what I believe in in my blog. Enough of this introspection, let's go on :-)
The week work is over for me, now I have two days to do whatever I feel like doing, plus some household chores, which trust me I only do because the alternative is never to see the floor again and wear dirty clothes, which is just nauseating. So household chores will get done, and then tomorrow, roomie and I are hosting.......a scrapbook party. Yep, I said it, a scrapbook party! I am so looking forward to this, the last scrapbook I worked on was for my parents, this one will be for me. Who is the star of my new scrapbook? Could it possibly be Princess? Of course! So I hope everyone has a good weekend, and do some fun things just for you! Life is not just about weekend chores :-)

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