Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Job or Career?

The past few days have been very hectic at work. Yesterday I had a poor woman who had hair that was almost beyond repair, and no it wasn't a home job it was done in a salon. This got me to thinking about the difference between having a job and having a career. When you have a job, it's a place you go to for a good portion of the day, you count the hours until you are done, and then you promptly forget it when you go home. It pays a check, and it let's you pay your bills. When you have a career, it's still a place you go to for a good portion of the day, and there may be days that you count the hours until you're done, but the time you spend at work is so different. You care about what you do, you strive to be better at your work, you go to classes or seminars to help you achieve your goals. A career helps define you as a person, a job is just what you do. I have a career. I strive to be the best at what I do, and I stand by my work. I genuinely care about my clients, and there are times that I think of them and what I do when I get home. The person who destroyed that clients hair obviously doesn't take what she does seriously. To those of you out of the profession, you may think that coloring your hair is just a matter of opening a box and dumping the contents on your head. There is so much more to it. I have studied chemistry, learned the different nuances in color. I know how the chemicals work that I put on people's hair. I know the laws of color, and know that you may be able to bend a few of them, since most of them are grounded in science, I know that there is only so much you can bend. I know that when hair is in a damages state, that there is no bending those rules. When a client leaves my chair, I know that I have done my utmost best to make them happy and to give them a color that will make them individual and uniquely them. I guess I should thank those hair dressers that don't pay attention to things, because of them I have a reputation in my area of being able to fix just about any hair disaster. It's just hair some of you may say, but think about it, hair helps you define yourself, your style, and how you want to be perceived. So I will continue to go to classes, I will continue to try my best, and hopefully I will continue to make my clients happy. The next time you're at work think about how you perceive what you do. It may make a difference in how others perceive you.

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