Friday, February 18, 2005

Random thoughts and cake

To all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday, thankyou so much, it means a lot to me to know that you think of me from time to time, as I think of all of you. It has been a crazy hectic week, I usually answer all my comments one at a time, but truthfully with the hectic week and still having so little energy at night from having had pneumonia, I haven't had much inclination to blog or write emails, I apologize for that. This week at work we lost two people, the one who wasn't well liked by all, and another one who is leaving for a salon that is more structured. Me, I kind of like being able to do my own thing in a salon. It's funny, but we have a core personnel who have been there from the beginning, and then there are those that come and go. Kind of like life sometimes I think. So needless to say it has been an emotional roller coaster at work, because let's face it, we in the hair industry thrive on drama, and there sure had been that lately heehee!
This weekend my parents are coming, and Princess is so excited, she loves her grammy and grampy very much. Me, I'm thinking of all the cleaning that I still have to do for them, and feel a bit overwhelmed. I still have to go shopping for the birthday meal! I found a recipe for a chocolate devils food cake, so if it turns out good I'll post the recipe. If on Monday there is no recipe and no mention of said cake, you'll know it sucked :-)
Anyway, I truly have nothing to blog about, but I did want to let you all know I'm still here and so appreciative of all your good thoughts! Have a great weekend everyone, and do something fun!!!

P.S.: After having over a week of 50 plus weather, ask me how annoyed I am that the temp outside according to weather bug is 16 degrees!!! I WANT SUMMER!!!
There I'm done now :-)

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