Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Of Birthdays and Knitting

MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!!!! If you read this on the 16th, the actual day of my birthday, please post a comment and say Happy Birthday, I ask for nothing else except acknowledgement of my birthday...although cash and gifts are always accepted lol!!!!!! I am now officially 42....funny I feel no different than oh say...41 hehehehe! My parents are coming for my birthday this weekend, I told them we could go out, which mom proceeded to tell me that they had had a bad meal at a restaurant....in Long Island...so therefore they don't want to go out in a totally different restaurant....in CT....yeah it makes no sense to me either. Then mom added, "besides, dad really likes your cooking". So I'm making my own birthday dinner, which I find more funny than disturbing, you'd have to know my parents! Besides this birthday doesn't end in a 5 or a 0, so I can deal :-)
On a totally unrelated note, I spent the weekend knitting a hat, scarf and glove set for Princess this weekend, which came out great if I do say so myself :-) So below you can see the finished product. My daughter is growing up too fast :-( Oh well, if I can't stop the hands of time for myself, guess I can't expect it to change for Princess :-)

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