Monday, February 21, 2005

My Weekend and what became of it

My parents decided not to come this weekend, we had snow Sunday into Monday, which is my weekend. My parents are 75 and 82, so needless to say the thought of having them on the road going home today made me a bit nervous, so I was just as glad they didn't come. The one that was truly saddened was Princess, she loves her grammy and grampy a lot. It's tough to explain to a child why someone can't come, even when there is legitimate reasons. We did have company though, some good friends came by, including Oliquig's parents, whom Princess also loves as much as grammy and grampy, so all ended up well. I made roast beef, which ended up being over done, partly because I left it in the oven until it reached a higher temperature than I would have liked, and partially because I kept it on a warming tray too long. Still good though. There was also oven roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary, which was probably the easiest recipe ever and so tasty! The meal was rounded out by asparagus with bearnaise sauce, and a delicious homemade chocolate devils food cake with 7 minute frosting. Anyone who wants any of these recipes, ask and I will email you, I would be happy to share! There was also wine, of COURSE! A good time was had by all, Princess and Little Man from upstairs played, and were so happy to have time together, the rest of the company talked and laughed, what more could you ask of a gathering of good friends. Today princess and I were out playing in the snow, we threw snowballs at the window, which Psykit tried to get....from the inside! She's not the smartest of cats, but so cute. Below are some pics of today. I hope everyone's weekend was good, mine was unexpected but turned out to be a very fun time, and really what more could you ask of a weekend!

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