Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines Day

Even when I was married, all I saw of Valentines Day was that it's a made-up holiday by Hallmark to sell more cards, and if you're a man, make you anxious about getting just the right valentines gift, well okay that goes for women too! I felt that romance was something that should happen all the time, not just on a designated day. I preferred going out to restaurants when they were less crowded, and hey presents were better when given for no reason at all. Many of those feelings still hold true, but a few things have changed. I have no man in my life, nor am I sitting here pining for one. Perhaps I need a break, I haven't been without a man in my life except for these past 4 to 5 years. About time I learned how to be me by myself. Do you see the conundrum here? I'm not by myself, I'll never be by myself, I have my daughter, and she is the best and brightest thing in my life! I am a very independent sort, so I would have a husband or boyfriend in my life, but I would always deep in the back of my mind, be wishing I could answer to no one but myself. I just wasn't sure enough in myself to go and do it.
So here I am, I answer to my daughter everyday, I never knew that huge responsibility could be so sweet! Every day with her is exciting, (even the bad days when she isn't happy with anything hehehehe) every day with her keeps me young, and every day with her makes me learn something knew. So this Valentines Day, I give all my love to Princess. Until she came into my life, I truly didn't know the meaning of unconditional love, now I do. There are days that I may not be happy with some of her behavior, but underneath that is a love so deep it's awe inspiring. She looks at me, with that goofy cute smile of hers, and I know that she has my heart forever. Her laugh makes me laugh it's so infectious! Each stage she enters is something knew to marvel at and admire. How much she has learned and continues to learn makes me humble. The way she looks at life makes me look at it in a whole new way. I finally understand my mother, something I never thought would happen EVER. I still don't agree with many of the things my mother did, I may need extensive therapy for that heehee! But I understand her, and admire her for the things she did right, and forgive her for those things she did wrong. Princess has given me that gift, on top of all the others. Princess has an amazing capacity for love, and she shows me how to love all things more deeply every day.
So thankyou Princess, for being in my life, thankyou for the powers that be for giving her to me, and thankyou Princess for teaching me that Valentines Day can be a day of acknowledging great loves, no matter what kind they are.
So to all you lovers, mothers, fathers, and people who are just making there way in the world, Happy Valentines Day! Tell someone how much they mean to you today!

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