Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Let's dig deeper.....

Ever wonder why people do the things they do? I mean, what's truly behind the actions? This has been in my mind lately for several reasons.
At the birthday party I talked about, I had a slight incident with one of PinkGirl's Mom's friends (say that ten times fast heehee!), Now before I go any further, I have met her a few times before this party, thank goodness or I probably would be very wary of her, I know a lot of what she said was the wine she drank. She mentioned that her husband was a cop in my town, so I said I would have to get to know him. Before I could say anything else, like because if I get pulled over in town it would be nice to know a cop, she turned around and said "If you touch him I'll scratch your eyes out!" To which I responded "Sweety it's not like that" or something to that affect. I wonder what happened in her past to make her react that way. I am certainly no threat to her, we are very different. It was the wine talking, but I also know that drinking takes away your inhibitions and tends to make you somewhat truthful. I wonder what hurt her in the past, or is it just a new person coming into her circle of friends that threatens her. Perhaps someday she'll tell me, or better yet, trust me. For now, I'll be kind because I have seen kindness in her when not drinking.
My boss the other day approached me, we have a problem with one co-worker. Basically she's loud and inappropriate in the things she says. Keep in mind we are a high end salon, so ghetto talk about penises and boobs really doesn't work, especially in a loud voice. No one cares how many men you slept with or want to sleep with, and we certainly don't care how drunk you got last night unless you aren't capable of working because of it, then we certainly do care. He approached me about moving my station. I was in the back in a spot that had a lot of natural light, which is wonderful for a colorist like me. He told me he wanted to move me to the station that said co-worker had and move her back there. I told him he was the boss and could do as he pleased but also told him that moving the problem out of ear shot and sight would not make the problem go away. I told him he needed to address the issue. So now I'm moved, and she and one other co-worker who is always with her are back in "my" area. The station I'm in is big, I need that as I usually work on multiple color services at once, but the light is not as good. My boss is usually a very direct person and not afraid to address anything. So what makes him not able to discuss this? Does said co-worker intimidate him? Or is he just too soft hearted to send her packing? Why would he not be able to deal with this when he had dealt with so much more in the past?
These are things I wonder, because every action or inaction that we take or don't take says a lot about us, even if it isn't clear at the time. Everything we do has a reason even if we ourselves don't truly know what the reason is. I think we should all step back at times and ask ourselves why we want to do or say the things that we do, maybe if we realize that there is a deeper reason for some things, we can avoid some pit-falls in life. Anyway, that's what I think, and so I'm making myself a promise, if I start to do something that seems negative or out of character for me, I'm going to try to find out why I want to do them. Then, we'll see if communication between me and the world is clearer. I wish others would do the same.

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