Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Reflections on the "village" that helps raise my child

As all of you know, I'm a single mom. This was not by choice, I'm not strong enough to have deliberately made that choice. But I got pregnant, the man wasn't around, and the only alternative that was open to me considering the late date to which I found out I was pregnant was to put my baby up for adoption. I'm adopted, so that wasn't something I thought would harm her, but when I heard that heartbeat and saw her in the ultrasound, really what choice did I have, I fell in love with her right then and there. There are days that seem so hard, making all the decisions on something so important as a child's life without someone to sound things off on, well it can be overwhelming at times. Then it hits me....I'm not alone. I may not have a husband, but the friends I have around me, well I can never truly express how I feel about them and what they mean to me. They've all become my family, and as a family we love each other immensely, warts and all. I have Princess to thank for this. I KNOW I wouldn't be so successful a mother if it wasn't for them. So, even though they don't read this blog (except for roomie) I wanted you all to know why they mean so much to me, and to thank them for all they have done. (Obviously names have been changed)

These people make raising my child so much easier. So yes, I have no husband, yes I feel like I work way too many hours, but with them in my life, I know that Princess doesn't lack for much. There have been countless others who have come in and out of our lives when they were needed, I don't know what I ever did to deserve all of them, but I am damn glad they are here. Who do you have in your life that supports you? Think about them and give them a nod, a thanks, whatever you can.

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