Thursday, March 03, 2005

Conversations with Princess

This morning on the way to dropping off Princess at day care, this was the conversation we had:

Princess: Mommy what's the sun?
Me: It's the yellow thing in the sky over there honey.
Princess: Mooooommm!!!
Me: Ok, it's a star, just like all the stars in the sky at night, only we're a lot closer to it than the other stars, so it looks bigger and gives us light and warmth.
Princess: (thinking hard) The sun-star has daughters, lots of them!
Me: Oh really?
Princess: Yeah and Luna(the moon) is the mommy, and she goes to bed, and sun-star jumps on the bed and bounces her into the sky, you remember mommy? Luna is in the sky!
Me: (chuckling to self) Yes that's right my love, Luna is in the sky!
Princess: The daughters go to school in the day, and Luna takes them home at night, and they don't see sun-star cause he doesn't live there he lives far away.
Me: (heart breaking just a little) Honey, do the daughters miss sun-star?
Princess: (I can see her thinking hard in the rear view mirror) No cause Luna sings them lullabye's and puts them to bed.
Me: Well I'm glad they're happy!
Princess: Me too.

I can't really add much to that, except to say I have an exceptional daughter and I love her more each day.

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