Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Night

I'm still chortling over the fact that the bad people took my garbage bag from my car...hey they were NEAT bad people heehee!

I had a mass suicide of bugs on my window tonight, my windshield looks like it has freckles. Kamikaze bugs, that's what they were!

Ever notice how many Burgundy SUV's and minivans there are????

It seems somehow wrong and strange to me that the death of the Pope could be a windfall for the merchants in Rome.

Today was lovely, and I was working gah!!! Oh well, this weekend is shaping up to be a nice one so I'll have some days to enjoy.

Princess has a better social life than I do, this past weekend was a party for her friend Jack, next weekend she has a birthday party for upstairs neighbors son, the weekend after that both of us are going to Hyannis for the weekend, and then she has a birthday party for her friend Nikki on Saturday the weekend after, and a birthday party for her friend Caylee on Sunday. If you want some time with her, I can perhaps pencil you in next month hehehe.

Caylee's party is at Chuckie Cheeses, I was hoping to go through Princesses entire childhood never setting foot in one, oh well!

Did I mention I hate Chuckie Cheese??

Princess hates pizza, go figure.

My social schedule this month is a bridal shower and a trip to Hyannis. I can pencil you in anytime you want LOL.

I missed the first half of lost, and now I sit at the computer half listening to it....okay got to watch bye for now!!!

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