Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sometimes it just doesn't seem worth going to work

I had a day yesterday. There is a class for advanced color techniques and cutting that one of our distributors was offering. My boss got a comp ticket, which he was going to use, and I decided to go and pay the 160 it would cost, even though that would have made me tight this week because I felt it would be a good class. Before I go further, my title in the salon is head colorist, which translates to mean color answer person, helping out when we are short a receptionist person, clean up person when others don't do what they are supposed to, coverer for the boss when his truly messy divorce gets in the way of him working in the salon person, and errand runner for when he forgets to order something through the distributor I go to the store person. I have done these things for years, and asked nothing in return because I thought he appreciated me. Well, he has a court date for his messy divorce on the day the class is happening, and he gave the comp ticket to another stylist in the salon. He KNEW I wanted to go, we discussed it, even to the point of bringing back the knowledge and doing a class on it. I am not going, because the other stylist is perfectly capable of presenting a class. Oh and before that, there was a comp ticket a while ago to go to Baltimore to the distributors center for a two day class, we again discussed it and decided I would go and bring back the knowledge. He gave THAT ticket to the other stylist too. I made no big deal of it at the time, because I said to myself well she doesn't have kids and isn't a single mother so she has more time to go away for two days so this is ok. I must add, this has NOTHING to do with the other stylist, she is a competent nice girl who didn't even know what was going on when she got the tickets from him. I am pissed off, and hurt. I feel like all the things that I do mean nothing. He told me to call him last night and he would explain why things went down as they did, but I didn't call him. I will eventually because I think he owes me an explanation. But last night, I was too hurt and pissed, and the LAST thing I will do is cry on the phone talking to him. I will talk to him when I can be strong. Then, I will drop it, because I DON'T want to make the other stylist upset, she had nothing to do with it and I don't want to make her feel bad over it. At least I now know where I stand with my boss, which means I don't have to bust my ass doing extra things for him, because it means NOTHING. If I thought I could go to another salon and still support myself and my daughter, I would, but it would take me a year to build up elsewhere, and I can't do that. So, off I go to work today, oh joy!!

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