Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ah the sweet sweet summertime starts!

I had a wonderful weekend! I went to visit bro and sis in law and their kids, and let me tell you, we had a blast!! They have a new pool, which I made good use of this weekend, as did Princess. I don't think we got to bed before 10 at night (hey that is late for me now hee!) which did make Princess a bit of a bear when she woke up. But she was able to pull it together each day and have a good time. My last post spoke of the crazy people in my life, well I also have wonderful people in my life too, which my brother his wife and kids are part of. I know that whatever happens, they have my back, as I have theirs. Roomie is another good one in my life, she is always there as are other good friends I have. So in between the soap opera which surrounds me, I also have those that stabilize me. I often think you have to have the weirdness because without it you wouldn't recognize the good. Here are some pics of the weekend, enjoy!

Here is the great Mentos and diet coke experiment, 4 mentos and a 2 liter diet coke, and you get instantaneous flume o' coke in the air! So cool! If you want to see more of the diet coke and mentos thing, go here.

Princess enjoying Auntie's pool!

Princess and the pre-school graduating class of 2006!

What is summer without a little watermelon?

Princess and a buddy from Taekwondo.

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