Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 4th!!!

Nothing is as good as a day at the beach, or so Princess thinks :-)
Waiting for the fireworks, anticipation brightening her eyes.
Finally, here they are!!!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone's weekend is going as well as mine. Yesterday we went to the beach, and surprisingly, there was no traffic on any of the highways we took to get there! I kind of felt like I was in the twilight zone because one of those highways usually has lots of traffic! We got to the beach, and there were people there, but not as many as I thought there would be. The water was wondrful, and we had a blast! The day before that, Princess and I went to a house party, because the house is really close to where our town does the fireworks. It was nice to be at a house party and not in the throngs of revellers I am sure were actually at the site. The fireworks were spectacular, and Princess was literally the life of the party. She just passed her orange belt testing in Tae Kwon Do, and would do all her moves on demand. She danced the night away, and we didn't get home until about 11 that night, and she was in a good mood, which is NOT usual when she is up so late. Tonight I have a barbecue planned for friends and we'll light up some of our own fireworks. Tomorrow, the actual 4th, we really don't have anything planned but going to a friends pool. All in all, a relaxing, wonderful, happy weekend. I love those! Above are a few pics for you!

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