Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A Day In The Life

My day

Wake up at 6, and wonder what the hell I am doing awake at such an ungodly hour.

Stumble to livingroom, see roomie is up, and has been up longer than me.

Stare numbly at the tv wishing it could make coffee.

Princess gets up at 7, roomie leaves with Princess hugs and kisses, Princess cuddles with her comatose mom.

Get onto puter as Princess watches Mickeys Twice Upon a Christmas for the millionth time, grumble because blogger won't let me post!

Read some blogs, comment, realise it's now 8:33 and I still haven't given Princess a bath, nor gotten the car de-iced.

Give Princess the shortest bath in history, stuff some food in her, get myself ready in record time, start car, realise I can only warm it up for about 5 minutes, scrape ice off windows so I can see, pack Princess in car and off we go.

Get on highway, realise that huge sheets of ice are falling off my car, wish I had a bull horn so I could yell in it "I am so sorry people, I'm a loser!"

Drop Princess off at daycare, call work and tell them I'll be about 20 minutes late, be informed my first two clients are already there.

FINALLY get to work, apologise to my clients for being late, do their hair, and end up a half hour ahead of myself...go figure.

Get informed that my boss' closing on his house is today and I have to do a client of his at 3:15, a full hilight on thick hair, I leave at 5:00, the service takes 2 1/2 hours, anyone see a problem with this???

Call Roomie, see if she can pick up Princess from daycare, she says yes (woo hoo roomie!!!!) and tell boss yep I can do the client, but just this once. I work two late nights as it is, and that's too many nights away from Princess.

Client gets there, and informs me she wants a total color transformation on her hair, a 3 plus hours service. REALLY glad Roomie is the nice person she is!! Agree to do hair, when boss gets back tell him about the change and tell him he'll have to do her haircut as I must leave after doing the color.

Finally leave at 6:00, get into car, and realise I have no heat. It's about 40 degrees. And raining. I am cold and wet, and not warming up.

Get home, and have roomies wonderful linguine with clam sauce (again woo hoo roomie!!!) watch Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas ( we both told Princess no to her request for Mickeys Twice Upon a Christmas, seriously folks I could go insane watching that movie again!) Read Princess a book, arrange to have a friend of Princess' Mom take Princess and her friend to a Birthday party on the 18th, I work on saturdays (grumble), get Princess in bed.

It is now 8:44, Princess is not asleep yet, but I am finally able to blog yay!!! She should be asleep soon, and that, my friends, is that. I think I'll collapse now!

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