Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sadie Comes To Stay

For the longest time, Princess has been asking for a dog. I love dogs, I was just wondering about time, and how were we going to make sure it got taken out enough, etc etc. Basically, I was putting off the inevitable. I had finally decided that in about a year, we would get one. My next door neighbor is a visiting nurse, and she knew about the dog situation. She came home the other day saying that one of her patients was ill and had a small dog that needed taking care of. Half poodle and half terrier. I said ok let's see if it is good with children. She came to visit, and never left. She is wonderful with children! She has the sweetest personality, and when the mats that my neighbor had to cut out are gone, she'll look beautiful . Her name was Shadow, but none of us liked that, and she ended up as Sadie Sunshine. Princess named her. I can't believe how much I already love her, she has come into our lives so easily, as if she knew that this is where she belonged. As you can see by the pic, Princess is so happy! So welcome Sadie, we didn't even know we missed you until we had you!

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