Monday, August 14, 2006

Summer, An End And A Beginning

One of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen this Summer
Same as above.

I love Summer. Sure, there are days that are too hot and too humid, and this year we have had way too many of them. But the days are longer, there is always something fun to do. The beach, picnics, barbecue, any and all outdoor activities, visits with friends, and so much more. At this time of year, close to the end of the summer, I find myself with so many feelings swirling around inside of me. I love Autumn too, so I find myself looking forward to it, with all its fairs, beautiful trees, and cool days. I love the smell of the air at that time. But I also find myself mourning the loss of the longer days and all the summer time fun. I also start to think of new beginnings, this year is a big one, Princess starts Kindergarten! I also think of endings. I can feel blue and happy at the same time. I tend to cram as much activities in a day as I can, knowing that soon there will be fewer opportunties. I don't know if anyone else knows what I'm talking about, this feeling inside. It is unique to this time of year for me. So I will take every day and make it one more special day of the Summer, mourn the losing of the long days, and look forward to Autumn with all it holds, all at once. Happy-sad. That describes it.

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