Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Christmas is coming.....

Oliquig got this cd, "Bare Naked for the Holidays", I love this cd. It has a fast paced renditon of jingle bells and in the middle they sing "Jingle bells batman smells robin laid an egg..." which cracks up Princess no end!! Then they also do "crosby stills nash and young, crosby stills nash and young!!" sung to deck the halls. The one that cracks me up the most is singing happy birthday to jesus!! Also on this cd are some beautiful renditions of all songs, both for chanukah and christmas. They really are extremely talented musicians, and it shows even when they're making fun of songs.
Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of year. I know, it's hectic, the stores are crowded, you run into way too many rude people (as we did in the Christmas Tree shop on Sunday), but still it remains the time when all of us can remember what it was like to be young and full of hope that Santa would come. And he always did, until we stopped believing. I still keep a bit of belief deep down in my soul. I remember when I was a little girl, my Mom and Dad would put up the tree, string on the lights, and then I would help decorate.They still use the decorations that all of us, my three brothers and myself, made. I would look at the tree when it was done, and think I had never seen anything so beautiful. I would squint my eyes,and the lights would look like little stars when I did this. On Christmas Eve I would try to stay awake until Santa came, and every year I would fall asleep certain that NEXT year I would make it and see him come down the chimney! Mom always had an open house party the week before Christmas. I was allowed to stay awake late that night, and helping her get things ready and serve trays around made me feel so grown up. I would always have a pretty new dress to wear, and I felt like a princess. I even snuck a sip of the spiked eggnog one year, and decided that grown ups were crazy for liking that stuff! We would also put lights on the outside tree, and I would pray every night for snow, because there is nothing quite like lights on an outside tree when there's snow on the ground.
Now I have my own little girl, and I hope to start traditions with her, so that she too can become a grown up with a little bit of belief still in her soul.
When things get hectic and it seems like you will NEVER get all that shopping done, and when work seems overwhelming on top of all the other things you have to do this time of year, try to remember what it was like when you were a kid. It really helps.
Anyone out there with holiday memories to share? I'd love to hear them!!!

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