Sunday, September 17, 2006

School Days and Tears

September is here, ok so I missed blogging about the first day of school, but I have been so very busy! Getting up earlier to make sure Princess is on time to school is new for me, and morning is not my strong suit hee! That morning, we woke up, and Princess was so very excited and asked to get dressed right away for her first day. So off we go to get dressed and have breakfast. I put on her back pack, packed with a snack and her notebook and pens and pencils, and went to the neighbors, who has a child in first grade. We walk down together as we live about 5 minutes walking distance from the school. Both Princess and friend were excited for the first day. We parents walked behind as the two girls walked in front of us, chatting as they walked. Princess looked so very grown up, I found myself getting very teary. Where did my baby go!! Who is this child, so grown up, so beautiful and confident! Will she still need me? All these thoughts went through my head. I know that as a single mom Princess has been in full day daycare since she was 7 weeks old, I know she has been in pre-school. But none of those things involved this child who is no longer a baby, who is my very big girl!! Kindergarten represents such a new time in her life and in mine. That first day ended for Princess as exciting as it began. She came home full of stories of her day and her teacher and the new kids she met. I breathed a sigh of relief, she still tells me everything! Each day, is the same, she comes home and tells me about her day. I can get used to this, I have years before she stops talking to me. I watch her everyday with eyes aglow over her new experiences. I have pictures of baby Princess, in front of me is my big girl. I am so very proud of her!!!!

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