Tuesday, October 25, 2005

We found a home!!

We found a really nice place! The unfortunate thing is that it's not in the area I want to live in, but it's still a nice area. We found a 4 bedroom duplex, which means we'll have a spare room for the computer and crafts, woo hoo! It won't be all over the living room! Also, it's a side by side duplex, so we have an upstairs for the bedrooms and no one walking over our heads. There's a small yard where I can put Princesses swing set, and we can set out our patio table in the good weather. The landlord lives right next door, and she is so nice. I like having landlords close, it means things get done around the house. She doesn't mind if we paint, which we'll do in the Spring, we're color people and white walls don't do it for us. We have a bathroom on the main floor, and a full bath on the second floor, more than one person can pee at the same time hee! I'm in the process of looking for a new pre-school for Princess, which isn't easy as she really likes the one she's in now. Here's the kicker, we're moving November 5th, talk about time crunch!!!!! There are boxes everywhere in my house right now! The realtors are showing this place on Thursday, they'll just have to deal with the boxes! Thankyou all for your kind words and support, they mean more to me than you can ever know. When we're settled in the new place, I WILL start reading all your blogs again, I miss all the info! Just right now, there is a LOT going on. Take care all!

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I hate moving!

The title sums it up. I hate moving. I don't think anyone likes it, but it's even harder when you like where you are, but your stupid landlords decide to sell the place and give you one day notice before the realtor shows up. I don't think this place will sell quickly, but I can't take that chance. I need to find a place for myself and my daughter. Thank god roomie is sticking with us! I don't think my child could handle having to move and losing her "Oliquig" at the same time! We saw a place the other day which was a definite NO! I mean, the rooms were way too small for three people, and the current tenants were slobs big time! The place smelled too. Tonight we saw another place, which we liked very much, but it's way far away from the area we want to be in. So that one is on hold until we see more places tomorrow and Saturday. I looked into buying, but my credit, while a lot better than it used to be, is not good enough to qualify for the low interest rate loans, mine would be one of the really HIGH interest rate loans, and that would put my payments way higher than my highest rent range. I wish I could go back in time and warn my younger self not to be so horrible with money and to put it aside, because if I had I wouldn't be in this mess now. I'm 42 years old and I can't give my child a permanent address. It makes me feel like a failure. So off I go on the hunt for a place to call home, even for a short while, until I can make a more permanent move. Wish me luck everyone, I need it, and if you can send some hugs my way, I need those too.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

And if THAT weren't enough.....

My weekly weight watchers update is BAD today. I gained 7 pounds. 7!!! POUNDS!!!!! I feel awful. OK so I'm due for my period, and yes I was not careful this weekend, and no I didn't drink enough water...Oh wait, that's why isn't it. I will NOT let this set me back for good, I WILL persevere and get back on track. Who knew you could gain 7 pounds in one week!!!! Well today is the start of a different week, so I will put the past week behind me and go forward from here. And if that weren't enough, we found out this weekend we have to move, as the house is now on the market. We knew this day was coming, but I was hoping to get through one more year. I told Princess today, she is most upset about the fact that her best friend upstairs will no longer be upstairs when we move. I don't think she grasps the concept. I did find a nice place, but in another town, which isn't so bad but that means uprooting her pre-school, which she finally decided she liked. I also have a friend in this area who has a good friend in real estate, and she says she's going to ask him to keep an eye out for rentals close to her. That would be ideal, as her daughter and mine are best friends, and this would mean they would be in the same school next year. There are options, but I'm sad. This place has so much meaning to me. I get sentimental like that you see. I know anything new will be good, but it still hurts to think of leaving this place. So wish me luck in both the weight loss and the search for a new home!

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Rain rain go away!!!

It has rained for over a week now, and I'm beginning to feel the blues because of it. Thank god it's supposed to stop tomorrow, because I think I would otherwise open a bottle and drink heavily, and I don't even drink heavily normally lol! Work has been interesting, I talked to my boss about the slight I felt he had given me, and we worked it out. It's not perfect, but I told him how I felt, and he listened. I don't think he truly gets it really, but at least he tried. Princess has learned a new trick, she has learned to lie about when she feels sick. The week before she had a rash all over her body, and last weekend she had a fever of over 103. Both times she got quite a bit of attention, so this week she claims her throat hurts. Normally after the other two things, I would believe her, after all she has been sick. However, it's funny how her symptoms disappear when she wants something! I looked at her throat, and it looks fine. She may actually have a little sore throat, but not to the extent she's playing it. Some of the joys of having a child get older! Ah I love her though! With all my heart. This week working out with my trainer, I made the mistake of telling her the weights I was working with didn't hurt anymore, so she upped the weights on me. Can we say ouch I can't lift my arms?? Today I finally feel normal hee! On the good side of that, I can feel muscle in my arm!!!! And my legs are definitely getting thinner, and those babies are usually the last to go down when I go on a diet, so woo hoo exercise!!!! This weekend we are going to visit my brother and his wife and kids, which both Princess and I are looking forward to. Nothing else to say, thoughts are a bit sluggish in this weather. Have a good weekend everyone!

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekly Weight Watchers Update

3.6 pounds gone this week, for a total of 12.8 woo hoo!

My seatbelt doesn't feel so tight anymore.

Princess has been sick this weekend, had a fever of 102 or higher for most of the weekend, and I still managed to stay on track when I was worried about her.

There are two malls in short distance from where I live, one is nice, the other it snooty-ville. I went to snooty-ville and realized why I DON'T like shopping there!

But the other mall doesn't have Sephora or the Aveda store, I have snooty taste without the attitude I guess hee!

It's raining and I have no energy, but hopefully tomorrow I do as I have to go to work and then the gym.

I can't make coherent thoughts today, hence this post.

That is all :-)

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Woo Hoo!

I put on a pair of jeans this morning, ones that I haven't been able to wear since early spring, and THEY FIT!!! I didn't even have to suck it in! Life is good :-)

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A seriously warped thought here...

On my news banner on my puter I saw this: Bush: Militants seek to establish empire. But what I THOUGHT I saw was Bush militants seek to establish empire, and I thought, "oh my god they're ADVERTISING it now" ROFL!!!!

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Sometimes it just doesn't seem worth going to work

I had a day yesterday. There is a class for advanced color techniques and cutting that one of our distributors was offering. My boss got a comp ticket, which he was going to use, and I decided to go and pay the 160 it would cost, even though that would have made me tight this week because I felt it would be a good class. Before I go further, my title in the salon is head colorist, which translates to mean color answer person, helping out when we are short a receptionist person, clean up person when others don't do what they are supposed to, coverer for the boss when his truly messy divorce gets in the way of him working in the salon person, and errand runner for when he forgets to order something through the distributor I go to the store person. I have done these things for years, and asked nothing in return because I thought he appreciated me. Well, he has a court date for his messy divorce on the day the class is happening, and he gave the comp ticket to another stylist in the salon. He KNEW I wanted to go, we discussed it, even to the point of bringing back the knowledge and doing a class on it. I am not going, because the other stylist is perfectly capable of presenting a class. Oh and before that, there was a comp ticket a while ago to go to Baltimore to the distributors center for a two day class, we again discussed it and decided I would go and bring back the knowledge. He gave THAT ticket to the other stylist too. I made no big deal of it at the time, because I said to myself well she doesn't have kids and isn't a single mother so she has more time to go away for two days so this is ok. I must add, this has NOTHING to do with the other stylist, she is a competent nice girl who didn't even know what was going on when she got the tickets from him. I am pissed off, and hurt. I feel like all the things that I do mean nothing. He told me to call him last night and he would explain why things went down as they did, but I didn't call him. I will eventually because I think he owes me an explanation. But last night, I was too hurt and pissed, and the LAST thing I will do is cry on the phone talking to him. I will talk to him when I can be strong. Then, I will drop it, because I DON'T want to make the other stylist upset, she had nothing to do with it and I don't want to make her feel bad over it. At least I now know where I stand with my boss, which means I don't have to bust my ass doing extra things for him, because it means NOTHING. If I thought I could go to another salon and still support myself and my daughter, I would, but it would take me a year to build up elsewhere, and I can't do that. So, off I go to work today, oh joy!!

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekly Weight Watcher update and the weekend with my parents

Another 1. 2 pounds, for a total of 9.2 pounds lost! This on top of a week where very little went right. My daughter on Tuesday was sent home from school because of a rash, that started with a little spot on her chest and in the time it took me to get halfway to work from dropping her off, spread to her cheeks and further down. I've been REAL tight with money lately, I got behind on bills and paid a lot of things off, so needless to say I truly wanted to go to work, if for nothing else but the tips to buy a few things for the house. Instead, I picked up my poor daughter who was rather itchy and miserable the poor thing! Turns out it was just a rash caused by a virus, not contagious or anything, but on Tuesday I didn't know that. So, being depressed, I did what I always do, I turned to food to make me feel better. A few things were different though, I journaled everything I ate, even though it was hard to see the junk I put in my mouth down in writing. This was a first for me, before this I just did it without thought. The other thing was, the next day, I started fresh, without looking back to the day before and without too much guilt about it. Another words, I didn't let it derail me. Yay for me!
My parents were here for the weekend, and it was a good time! Princess was so thrilled to have them here, and pretty much talked their ear off that first day, telling them everything about her life including the rash earlier in the week hee! We went to a place called Gillette Castle, which is quite the historic site. I linked it to the website, so go check it out! Princess was so good, considering that an historic house isn't what most 4 year olds would consider exciting! In one room they had a man who was dressed up as William Gillette, who was a stage actor in the turn of the century and played Sherlock Holmes. He was dressed up as Sherlock, which was fascinating to Princess! It also didn't hurt that I bribed Princess with a stuffed kitty she saw and wanted hee! At the end of the day there, we were walking back to my car, and Dad was having problems. Roomie was with us too, so I sent her ahead with Princess to the gift shop to buy the kitty. Dad was so tired he could hardly walk, so Mom and I supported him so he could walk up the slight incline. At the top we set him down to rest. I went to the gift shop to get Roomie and Princess, and cried a little, because it is SO hard to see a man who at one time seemed invincible to me look so old. My heart aches because I know that my time with him is so short now. I am SO glad mom and I worked out our differences to a degree where I can spend time with them like this. I would miss so much if we hadn't. At the end of this very good visit, mom gave me a hug, and told me that she felt safe here at my house, and that she appreciated me more each year. These were words I had longed to hear for such a long time, I was somewhat at a loss when she said them. Then she told me thankyou, and that she loved me and needed me, because she was losing dad. When they left, I cried some more, because it's true. I did not turn to food to console me, I would have felt it would have belittled a moment that had to be felt in its fullest, the sweet and the bitter, because without great feelings both good and bad, how do you know you're alive. I look forward to seeing them again, because I know someday it will be the last time. For now, both are here, and they are so good with Princess, and they love me. That's a whole lot to be thankful for.

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