Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Princess games and giggles

I read Honestyrain's blog on kids and doing kid things, and this brought to mind some of the silly things I do with Princess. She gets a kick out of them, and I get to act like a big kid for a while.
We have this book with colors and animals in it, and in the back of the book is the bear. He stomps around and growls according to the book. Well a while back she decided that she was afraid of the bear, so I started talking like the bear to her. She has now named the bear Pete, and he's her "best friend". We talk together, and then we growl. The funny thing is that she'll tell Pete the bear things she won't tell me, even though she knows that I talk for Pete!
Another thing we do is tickle finger, wherein my two index fingers tickle her and she laughs. She has now named them Georgin and Lolly. She talks to them, tells them she loves them, and I talk to her as Georgin and Lolly and tickle her. Then my brain kicks in and says hey adult, umm your talking for FINGERS!! It seems momentarily strange and then Princess giggles her deep belly giggle and there I go again talking as Georgin and Lolly.
She also likes it when I hold her up in the air, we call it uppy air because it was named back when that was all she could understand. I put her up in the air over my head (I'm sitting, so this isn't as dangerous as it sounds) and I'll say "Princess what are you doing uppy air come down from there!" and she'll giggle. Then I lower her until our foreheads barely touch and I'll go "clunk ow!" which sends her into more giggles.
We also do slow feet and fast feet, one of us will move really fast and the other will move really slow....guess which one of us does which lol!!!
Another favorite is when she'll hide and I or Roomie will say "where's Princess, oh no did you leave her at daycare or work or the store?" Then we'll say "oh well I guess she'll be alright until tomorrow" and then Princess will pop up and say "here I am you didn't leave me" and giggle like a mad child.
I think what is clear from writing this is how much I love hearing Princess giggle. When she giggles, it's a deep belly giggle and her whole body gets into it. You can't help but laugh with her. Her eyes get all crinkly and her mouth crooks up into a grin and her whole body laughs. You haven't lived until you've seen and heard Princess giggle. It makes the whole world make sense, it drains away your negative day. I want her to stay little for just a while longer. I want her to want to play with me for a bit more. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to do these things, and then I remember that my time to do them is short, and when this time is over and she has moved on into some other phase, I'll miss this. But I'll always remember that I took the time to make her giggle, and I'll always remember how special that made me feel. And someday....She'll do this with her children too.

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Holiday fun....sometimes

I love the holidays, I truly do. I love the fact that I have become one in my family to make the holiday meals, as I love to cook, and I don't cook like that every day. The holidays are a time to get together with family or good friends and have a good time, sit back, laugh a little and eat a lot. So why are the holidays a stressful time?? I've never written a lot about my parents, and someday soon I will, just to get some pressure off my chest, and to explain things a bit. I also have not written a lot about one of my brothers, who's a schizophrenic, and someday I will. Suffice it to say that my brother has had a lot of ups and downs, so when I get a phone call from Mom saying " It's hard lately dealing with your brother" I tend to think that perhaps he's going downhill again. No, not this time. She has been spending way too much time with him lately, and she's getting snippity about it. No problem, he's not the easiest person to deal with, but the whole gist of the conversation was so that I would feel bad for her and offer to have him stay at my house on the couch instead of in the hotel room with mom and dad. I unfortunately don't have the room to have them stay here, otherwise I would. Mom tends to use passive aggressive ways to get what she wants, and quite frankly when I've been tired and stressed all week, I don't take it well. After she went into her emotional blackmail, I said "Mom, if you want Bro to stay here all you have to do is ask, please don't play games with me." Which she totally ignored the latter part of that statement and instead zeroed in on the former part. "Hey great idea" she says "you can say hey bro why don't you stay here tonight" which I replied with "if you want him to stay here tonight, you can tell him that yourself." I think she knew she had pushed it as she was sweet as pie to me after that. I'm not totally comfortable with my brother staying here on my couch, for reasons which someday I may (or may not) tell you all, but if it was really necessary I would have let him, but not when mom tries to do it in such a round about way. Long and the short of it, he stayed with them in the hotel room, because I didn't make it easy on her. She couldn't bring herself to tell him she wanted him here not there. Which is funny because she has no problem usually telling all of us, including my mentally ill brother, when we have failed her in any way, great or small. Not too much positive reinforcement in my house growing up let me tell you. Then this morning, they were supposed to come over to have breakfast before they left for home. It's been raining all day, but this morning wasn't too bad. I called over to their hotel room to ask if they could bring over milk when they come, and mom told me they were going to head out early. Mind you Princess had not had breakfast yet at 7:45, when she usually eats when she first wakes up (she was up at 6:30) because she wanted to wait for grammy and grampy and uncle. I asked mom if I hadn't called would she have called to let me know. I told her that going early was her choice, but Princess had been waiting for them. Her response was "well we saw Princess yesterday". No matter that today Princess cried because grammy and grampy had promised her something that they had no intention of doing. I made mom call Princess to say goodbye, because it was the right thing to do, and she hadn't had any plans to do so. I've been disappointed by mom most of my life for one reason or another, she will NOT do this to my child. I will make her take responsibility for her actions. Dad, well he lets mom do all the talking and decision making, always has. The difference is that now he NEEDS her to make them, he's getting very forgetful .
I leave you all with another question, how do you watch your parents decline, and love them so much but at the same time know that many issues will never get resolved, but will hang there long after they are gone because while you may want to confront and resolve, they never will?
I wish I had the answer to that one.

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter to all!

I hope everyone's Easter is going well. Below are some pics of this morning, more to follow tomorrow. Enjoy the day!!!

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The Easter Bunny was very generous to Princess! Posted by Hello

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Grammy, Grampy, Princess, and Uncle. They look cold....pose some more heehee! Posted by Hello

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Princess and Uncle feeding the geese Posted by Hello

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The Geese they were feeding Posted by Hello

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A few pics of Wadsworth Falls, I love the fact that this is only a few minutes from my house. Posted by Hello

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You feel so peaceful here, and slightly humbled Posted by Hello

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Thursday, March 24, 2005


We all know that fast food is not good for us, we all still go on occasion. Some of you may go more than just occasionally. We know that it's not good for our heart, waist line, or anything. However, it tastes yummy, and who would suspect that this would happen at a Wendy's! Makes you thinks twice about having chili there!!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Griping session now started

I love my job. I feel good when I do a service for someone and they like it. That said, I have some clients that refuse to tip. Granted I have one or two who save to come in and they can't tip, I never mind those. Then I have the clients with more money than god (the salon is in a well to do town and is high end so most of the clients have more money than god) and they still don't tip. I had a day with all my non tippers in it. I had one client give me a very good tip...and that was it for the whole day, and I was busy! Some of you may be sitting there and saying you don't believe in tipping, and that's your right, but from my point of view, I did a service, I did it to the best of my ability, and it's customary to tip your stylist! I tip anyone who does a service for me, and I tip very well. I also count on my tips, they buy me gas, things for my daughter, and generally take care of most of my daycare expense, so I definately don't spend them frivolously, okay sometimes I do, but hey you have to treat yourself every now and then.To look on the bright side of things, the one tip I did make today is more than I had when I went into work, so all in all I came out ahead, but I was slightly miffed I must say.
When I got out of work, it was snowing hard, and not the fluffy pretty snow, no this is the wet sticky icky stuff. I did get to try out my 4 wheel drive, which takes a bit of getting used to let me tell you! It felt weird, but I did get through the snow no problem! I WANT SPRING!!! I want green grass, flowers, trees budding. I want to see animals scurrying, I want to take my daughter to feed the ducks. I want to do outdoor things that don't require snow boots and a sled!!! Oh well, winter can't last forever.....hopefully hee!
I will leave you with a question, what are your thoughts on tipping and why?

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Monday, March 21, 2005

The Weekend Fun

This weekend we went to see Toy Story 2 on ice. It was A LOT of fun!!! Princess was overwhelmed with everything and watched the whole show quite seriously. Can I tell you that the tickets were not very expensive, but the stuff you buy there! WOW! 12 dollars for a Polaroid of Princess with Buzz (I'll show that pic when I get my scanner later this week), 16 for a Buzz Lightyear sword, 10 for cotton candy (it did include a cone hat), 16 for a Buzz Lightyear spinny thing, and 12 for a mug o' ice!!! The mug was Buzz, but wow they sure do get you with all of that. And of course, I, like a foolish mom, bought all those things for her! Okay well actually the sword was bought by Roomies mom, she gave Princess some money to spend at the show. You know what? It was worth it because Princess was so happy with it all and is still talking about the show and her prizes! There was a very tired Princess when we got home, and she almost fell asleep watching her last show of the night. I think she was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow! I hope they have something else fun next year, I had so much fun taking her that I wouldn't mind making it a yearly thing. Roomie also came, which pleased Princess a lot, next to me I think Princess loves Roomie the most! Today was not so much fun, we had a salon work day today, we all got together and spruced up the place, it sure does look good now, but I did a lot of painting and am a little tired now. Oh well, one day of sheer fun, one day of spring cleaning, not a bad weekend at all! Now I need to take care of spring cleaning here....Anyone want to come and help??? Okay I hear the crickets chirping now! Hope everyone's night is super, below are pics from the ice show yesterday, enjoy!

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Princess impatiently waiting for the show to start! Posted by Hello

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Mmmmm cotton candy!!! Posted by Hello

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Buzz Lightyear himself! Posted by Hello

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the potato heads!!! Fav line: "I'm a married spud I'm a married spud!" hee! Posted by Hello

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How cool is this costume!!! Posted by Hello

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The roundup gang Posted by Hello

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The "dolls" at the toy store Posted by Hello

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Never tempt the weather gods

As all of you know, I now have a car that is equipped with 4 wheel drive. My old car was okay in the snow, mainly because I'm a cautious snow driver. This one will be even better, and I will still be a cautious snow driver. That said, when you pick up said car, and you drive away from the lot laughing because you're so giddy from getting the car and knowing that your credit is back in check, and when as you drive away you yell " C'mon let is snow NOW" then laugh maniacally, you can be certain that the weather gods won't be happy. So if you get snow tomorrow, as we're supposed to get, you can shake your fist at the sky and say "Curse you Nina!" because it will be my fault. I laughed at then tempted the weather gods!!!
All I can say is sorry, and thank god no one was around to see me laugh maniacally behind the wheel, they probably would have called the cops and hauled my @ss away hee!!!!

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Friday, March 18, 2005

I love driving!!!

Sorry it took so long to get back here, but on Wednesday I went to pick up the new car and sign over my life practically, then I had to go to work. I didn't get home until late after a long busy day with very little sleep. Yesterday I worked from 10 to 7, a VERY busy day and when I got home, I crashed! So that takes us to today! I LOVE MY NEW CAR!! It's a v-6, more engine than I have ever had, and wow can it go! I was doing 90 down the highway and I didn't even know! The sound system is sweet as is everything else about it. Princess keeps looking out the window to see our new car and she loves being in it. She made a comment about how clean it was lol! You see I was not taking care of the piece of crap car towards the end, I mean why did I care, I didn't feel safe in it, and after was a piece of crap lol!! Below are pics of the old car and the new one, guess which on I prefer heehee!!!!!
Now I have to get ready for work so I can pay for this new luxury. I should be happy I'm so busy as that will make for good paychecks to pay for this car :-)

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Back view of the piece of crap car, isn't the green bumper on the red car oh so attractive?? ewww lol! Posted by Hello

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The old piece of crap car side view. Posted by Hello

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HERE'S THE NEW CAR!! Isn't it nice????? Posted by Hello

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The oh so spacious trunk of my new car, and oh so clean! Posted by Hello

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Today's the day!

I'm going to get my new car now, I'll post more about it later complete with pictures :-)

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Monday, March 14, 2005

I've got a new car!!!!!!!

You remember my piece of crap car? The one I have been getting into everyday with a prayer? Well, I FINALLY GOT A NEW CAR!!!! Well new to me, it's a used car. It's a 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara, a small SUV with high safety ratings. It's a best buy in the consumer reports for used cars, and it's beautiful!! It's Burgundy with a grey interior and power everything! Here's how it happened.
As you all know, I work in a high end salon, and we get some rather powerful people, at least locally, in the salon. One of the people who come in is the wife of a huge car dealership in this area. I called her and told her I was in the market for a car and asked her of someone in her company I should talk to. She not only told me who to talk to, but called that person herself before I called and set it all up for me!!!! How cool is that??? I went in, telling the man that my credit sucks (long story, bad decisions, procrastination, all of the above) and could he get me into a car. He started showing me cars in the 3000 to 4000 range, NONE of which was anything remotely like what I wanted. I told him this. He told me it was a good idea to check my credit and see if I could go a conventional way through a bank. He did, and guess what? When you work hard on cleaning up your credit as I have done, it pays off, I am not totally horrendous credit now, I'm considered slow credit, at this rate someday I may actually be (gasp) good credit!!!! Banks will work with slow credit! So I put money down, and waited. I didn't wait long, as I went this morning and this evening I found out I got the car and I can pick it up on Wednesday!!!! Because of knowing the owners wife, he told me he would absorb the bank cost, and came down from 11.9 to 10.9, which by the way is only a little over book value!!!!
I feel so many feelings right now besides elation and relief knowing that my daughter and I will be in a safe vehicle. I feel somewhat sad, because the old car was the one I got when I separated from my husband. I got it all on my own without his help, and it signified a sense of independence. It's been a good car to me, it's only in the last year that it's been one I don't feel safe in. I'm donating the car, because truly it's has no trade in value, and I feel good doing something worthwhile with it. I'll miss it, but this new car signifies another new beginning. It's the start of my road to good credit, I can see a house of my own in the future now, before I couldn't. It's the first car I bought since having Princess, so this will truly be "our" car. I wonder if I'll sleep tonight, I'm on cloud nine!
I'll post pics of the new car and my piece of crap car when I get the new one on Wednesday, until then, happy driving!!!

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Pics of Princess when she was tiny!

These two pictures below are my favorite, they were taken at the Picture People at our local mall. I personally think they're the best baby pics ever....but then again I'm a bit prejudiced in that department :-)

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Here is Princess at 4 months old, I plan on keeping this pic and telling future boyfriends pluck the flower and you're dead hehehehe! Posted by Hello

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Here is Princess again at 4 months, this one is just cute baby pic! Posted by Hello

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Friday, March 11, 2005

A little bit of Christmas in March

I appreciate righteous indignation, and I appreciate strong convictions. Lord knows I have quite a few of both. I like to know what's going on in the world, and have strong opinions on all of them. Someday I may be tempted to share them with you. But I didn't start this blog for an agenda, I started it to have fun and to write out some things about my life, the fact that there are readers who like to read what I write, well I appreciate all of you! I sometimes feel that we don't hear enough good stuff, so here is a story from Christmas two years ago.

I had waited until a week before Christmas to do Christmas shopping for Princess (or anyone for that matter but this story has to do with Princesses buying trip) quite frankly because I was strapped that year. Finally, the week before Christmas the Christmas tips started to come in, and that is what I used to buy presents. My friend worked at Toys R Us, but in a town quite a ways away. It was a Friday night, she was working, so off Princess and I went, she was going to give us her employee discount, yes she truly is a good friend. Princess was just about to turn two, so it was easy to buy her presents with her there because at that age she was so easily distracted....NEVER would work now! I went, I bought, and I headed home. On the way home, my tire blew. I had no spare, and no cell phone. I was stuck on the highway. I man in another car saw the tire blow and stopped to see if I was alright. He asked me if I had a spare, or a cell phone, and when I told him no, he just looked at me. Then he seemed to make up his mind about something. He told me that he would take me and my daughter to a gas station the next exit up and there I could call a tow truck. Not only did he take Princess and me, but he took all the presents saying that he just couldn't think of my daughter having her presents stolen. We got to the gas station, and the station manager let me use the store phone, which was against company policy but she took pity on me. She put me in touch with a tow truck driver who said he would be happy to tow me but that he wasn't insured for a baby and a car seat, so could I see if I could get a ride. I tried, but it was Friday night, no one was home. after about 10 minutes of frantic calling, the tow truck driver called the gas station to see if I had gotten a ride. I told him no. He told me that he was out having dinner with a friend, who was upset knowing that I was stuck with my baby and was I comfortable with him driving us home. I hesitated just a minute, as I did NOT know them, but the gas station attendant told me the tow truck driver was alright and would never do anything to harm anyone. I told them thankyou and how grateful I was. Both showed up, I told the tow truck driver where my mechanic was and how he could leave the car there, the friend took Princess and me and all the presents in his car and off we went to meet the tow truck driver at my mechanics. We got there, and the tow truck driver gave me a price, which was just a basic fee with no mileage, I asked him about it, he said hey its Christmas week, this is a present for you and your daughter. By this time I was just about in tears, because I never expected complete strangers to act so kindly to me. I payed the man, tried to tip him which he refused and told me to buy Princess another present. The friend took us home and helped me into my house with the presents. I tried to pay him for his kindness, and he said no, it was his pleasure, besides his wife would kill him if she knew he had taken money from a single mom. I went in and cried, not because of my car, but because of kindness of so many who didn't know me and yet still went out of their way to help me. The next day my mechanic fixed my flat, and didn't charge me, giving me yet another Christmas gift. Since that day, I've tried to do kindness to people whenever I can, but I can never truly pay back what the good Samaritan, the gas station attendant, the tow truck driver, his friend, and my mechanic did for me. It made me realize that the good people get overlooked a lot because of the tragedy that usually makes up the news. It made me realize that with all the commercialism of the holidays, there were some people who truly lived up to the "spirit" of the holidays. It made me realize that hero's are people like you and me.
The next time you hear something that may make you sad or mad, by all means don't ignore it, if you can do something about it do it. But take the time to appreciate all those people in life who just do the right thing, not for glory or recognition, but because they want to do it. And try to do a kindness to someone else, it may change their lives just a bit.

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Here's what we sound like

this is an audio post - click to play

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The cake, with two different frostings

From my first post about my birthday and this recent post about grumblings have one thing in common, interest in the cake! So, for those of you who wish it, here's the recipe for the cake and the two different frostings I have made for it...enjoy :-)

Chocolate Devil's Food Cake
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup boiling water
3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) butter, at room temperature
1 1/2 cups dark brown sugar, firmly packed
3 eggs, at room temperature
2 cups flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
3/4 cup sour cream
1: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour 2 9-inch cake pans. In a bowl, mix the cocoa and the water until smooth. Set aside.
2: With an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each additon.
3: When the cocoa mixture is lukewarm, add to the butter mixture. beat well.
4: Sift together the flour, baking soda, and the baking powder twice. Fold into the cocoa mixture alternating with the sour cream in three batches.
5: Pour into the pans and bake until the cakes pull away from the sides of the pan, 30-35 minutes. Let stand 15 minutes before unmolding.
Seven Minute Frosting
(My Favorite!!!)
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup water
2 teaspoons light corn syrup
2 egg whites
1 teaspoon vanilla
In top of a double boiler, combine all ingredients except vanilla. Place over rapidly boiling water (water should not touch bottom of pan); beat at highest speed until mixture stands in peaks, about 7 minutes. (Do not overcook.) Remove from heat; add vanilla. Continue beating until frosting holds deep swirls, about 2 minutes.
Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
2/3 cup butter, softened
4 cups powdered sugar (I added less, so taste as you go)
3 to 5 tablespoons half and half or milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
In a large bowl, cream butter until ight and fluffy. Gradually add powdered sugar, beating well after each addition. Add Vanilla and half and half a tablespoon at a time; beat to desired spreading consistency.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Grumbles and Musings

When I woke up this morning it was 43 and raining. By the time I went to work at 9:15 it had gone down two degrees. By 10:30 it was snowing and had gone down to low 30's. By the time I got done at work (at 2 because the rest of my day cancelled) it was in the low 20's and was blizzard like conditions on the road. It took me almost 2 hours to do a half hour ride. Right now it's 16, not snowing but so windy my daughter is sleeping with her reading light on because the wind is howling too loudly. WHERE THE HELL IS SPRING!!! (grumble grumble)

Princesses first karate class got cancelled because of the weather, but she was placated by the fact that we made a cake. Cake makes everything better to a 4 year old...Hey wait...It works on 42 year olds too.

My piece of crap car...IS STILL RUNNING woo hoo!

Why do people buy milk and bread whenever there's a storm? What are they gonna do with it??
Ever wonder about that???

Not much of a post I know, but it felt good to grumble a bit, and really, this is my blog and I can grumble if I want to.

I hope all of you are having a way more interesting and wonderful time than I am :-)

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Monday, March 07, 2005

You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes....You get what you need.

I spent the day today with some friends, and we went to Kidcity, which I have blogged about before. There were 4 of us who went, and before we went we were all at my house also with my upstairs neighbor with her son. So at one point I had 5 kids around me. I truly enjoyed each and every one, each has their own personality which makes them uniquely themselves. As I watched each of them and how they interacted, I kept comparing them to Princess when she was their age, as she's the oldest. I suddenly realized that as much as we can't choose our kids or how they'll be, we (for the most part) seem to get the child we can handle. Many of you will say well yes, but we raise our own kids in our own way, so of course they're what we can handle. That's true to a certain extent, but we don't have choices in their basic personality. BeeMan who is the youngest, well he's all boy, always gadding about and running. He's rough and tumble and loud. Cute as can be! He likes to be independent, and truly let's you know when you are "crowding" him. How does mom handle this? By being firm, but she gives him plenty of room to try it his own way. The constant motion of Beeman would have been hard for me to handle. MellowBoy is just that, good natured, easy going, always goes with the flow. But he is so attached to mom, I could never see MellowBoy running off as BeeMan does. As much as MellowBoy seems to be the perfect boy, the constant attachment would have made me insane. I prefer a streak of independence in kids. LittleMan, well he's into the terrible two's right now, and wow does he have a temper! He hits when he's mad, which we all know at two is a lot of the time. Mom tries to control him, not always successfully at times, but she is laid back with him, and most times does NOT lose her temper with him, while as I think I would have been a raving lunatic with the hitting thing. LittleGirl is independent, and strong, and sometimes you're not really sure how she feels because she tends to have the same reaction to everything. I like to know what my child is feeling. Then there's Princess, who from day one needed to see new things constantly, has the ability to whine with the best of them, they made the word dramatics just for her! Good natured for the most part, smiling most of the time, and always good for the teacher. I think that her whining would put most of my friends over the edge, but for me, well dramatic comes naturally to me, and I understand her whining. Okay you say, if you had one of the other types of children, then THAT would be what you could handle. My point exactly! We get used to our kids ways, we understand them, we can deal. I think we have all seen the parents who can't seem to get a handle on their kids. Each child was a joy to be with, each one so perfectly themselves. And at the end of the day, I was happy to see each one go home. Mine was in a meltdown as she was overtired, and is now napping. I knew the right words to say to calm her down, I knew when to be firm and when to hug. I knew how to handle her. All of the other mother's know how to handle their own. It's a beautiful thing! I think we all tried to imagine what our children would be like, and I know for sure Princess is not what I thought she'd be, but she turned out to be just what I needed and could handle. Celebrate your child's uniqueness, and celebrate your own way of handling them!

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Conversations with Princess

This morning on the way to dropping off Princess at day care, this was the conversation we had:

Princess: Mommy what's the sun?
Me: It's the yellow thing in the sky over there honey.
Princess: Mooooommm!!!
Me: Ok, it's a star, just like all the stars in the sky at night, only we're a lot closer to it than the other stars, so it looks bigger and gives us light and warmth.
Princess: (thinking hard) The sun-star has daughters, lots of them!
Me: Oh really?
Princess: Yeah and Luna(the moon) is the mommy, and she goes to bed, and sun-star jumps on the bed and bounces her into the sky, you remember mommy? Luna is in the sky!
Me: (chuckling to self) Yes that's right my love, Luna is in the sky!
Princess: The daughters go to school in the day, and Luna takes them home at night, and they don't see sun-star cause he doesn't live there he lives far away.
Me: (heart breaking just a little) Honey, do the daughters miss sun-star?
Princess: (I can see her thinking hard in the rear view mirror) No cause Luna sings them lullabye's and puts them to bed.
Me: Well I'm glad they're happy!
Princess: Me too.

I can't really add much to that, except to say I have an exceptional daughter and I love her more each day.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Reflections on the "village" that helps raise my child

As all of you know, I'm a single mom. This was not by choice, I'm not strong enough to have deliberately made that choice. But I got pregnant, the man wasn't around, and the only alternative that was open to me considering the late date to which I found out I was pregnant was to put my baby up for adoption. I'm adopted, so that wasn't something I thought would harm her, but when I heard that heartbeat and saw her in the ultrasound, really what choice did I have, I fell in love with her right then and there. There are days that seem so hard, making all the decisions on something so important as a child's life without someone to sound things off on, well it can be overwhelming at times. Then it hits me....I'm not alone. I may not have a husband, but the friends I have around me, well I can never truly express how I feel about them and what they mean to me. They've all become my family, and as a family we love each other immensely, warts and all. I have Princess to thank for this. I KNOW I wouldn't be so successful a mother if it wasn't for them. So, even though they don't read this blog (except for roomie) I wanted you all to know why they mean so much to me, and to thank them for all they have done. (Obviously names have been changed)

These people make raising my child so much easier. So yes, I have no husband, yes I feel like I work way too many hours, but with them in my life, I know that Princess doesn't lack for much. There have been countless others who have come in and out of our lives when they were needed, I don't know what I ever did to deserve all of them, but I am damn glad they are here. Who do you have in your life that supports you? Think about them and give them a nod, a thanks, whatever you can.

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Winter Nostalgia

The weather man was predicting upwards of 10 inches of snow. We got 5. Imagine having a job where your best guess is good enough. Oh I know, the weather is unpredictable, there are so many variables in predicting it, and they certainly do give themselves plenty of guess room, it's usually "we're going to get anywhere between 6 and 12 inches". I actually do have respect for weather men, there's a lot of schooling involved, and imagine having a job where a part or the population is going to be mad at you no matter what you say. It's so pretty outside, there is still snow gently falling, and everything is that pristine white that only happens when it first snowed. After that the snow that stays around turns an oh so ugly grey, or sickly brown. For now though, it's the winter wonderland they talked about of old. When I was a little girl, my mom used to go and take some snow, and we would pour maple syrup over it, I don't think that would be a good idea now. Snow used to be the thing I wished most for when I was little, I would look around the world and when it looked so beautiful and fluffy and white, I could truly believe that there were fairies in the world, and elves. Now I look at this beautiful snow, and I think "driving nightmare" and "damn got to clean the car off again" and "well there goes half my business today". I feel nostalgic for the days when the only thing I thought about was finding the biggest hill to sled on, and if this was good snow for snowmen and snowball fights. Princess still has that wonder, and I keep all my negative thoughts about snow in my head, because I want her to have that magic for as long as possible. She's looking forward to going to pre-school today because she knows that she and her friends will play outside in the snow. When I have a day off and it snows, I get a little bit of that magical feeling back, because of Princess. I love to play with her in the snow, watch her make snow angels, go sledding with her, and teach her how to make a snowball. For those hours, I can remember what it was like to be a kid. Both our cheeks get rosy, we laugh and smile. And then most times when we come in, I'll make hot chocolate, because a day in the snow is not complete without that. Thanks to Princess, there's still a little magic in the world.
Remember the magic, it keeps you in touch with the child in you.

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